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Details of the RiB & see the major sights of the Thames Estuary ......

RiB leaving Herne Bay

Leaving Herne Bay on a RiB (Rigid Inflatable Boat)

Redsands Fort from Swalecliffe

The Red Sands Army Fort viewed from the Brook Estuary at Swalecliffe

The WW2 Sea Forts were heavily armed early warning posts built by Posford's at Gravesend on the banks of the River Thames

Abandoned they lay dormant until taken over by Radio Pirates in the 1960's

The Sea Forts have a strange fascination, viewed from the shore many people can't wait to see them at close quarters

Red Sands Fort

Red Sands at close quarters on a sight seeing trip

Knock John from SB Greta

From the Sailing Barge Greta approaches the Knock John Naval Fort, Guy Maunsells first design, like the Army Forts were built by Posford's at Red Lion Wharf Gravesend

The broadcasts of Radio Essex emanated from here for some 14 months after beginning tests in October 1965

For the full specification of the sailing barge (SB) Greta see Greta 1

Shivering Sands Fort

The Shivering Sands Army Forts once base of the eccentric horror rock artist Screaming Lord Sutch & his Radio Sutch

For the history of the Forts see Fort Fax

For documentary CD's, books, video's & a DVD tour around a Naval Fort visit the Offshore Shop

Drilling Ship Resolution from Tankerton

The drilling ship Resolution from Tankerton beach in 2003 see Greta 2 for more pictures of the Windfarm

Map of Kentish Flats Windfarm

The location of the Windfarm on the Kentish Flats is 6.2 miles from its service centre at Whitstable Harbour & 5.5 miles from the Clock Tower on Herne Bay sea front

Windfarm Reculver Towers

The Windfarm on the Kentish Flats was completed in September 2005 & can produce up to 90MW of power

Right; the ancient historic Reculver Church Towers a mark for mariners these towers were once more than a mile from the sea now protected by a sea wall & further erosion

It was here where Barnes-Wallace tested his bouncing bombs & that in 1946 the Jet speed record was set by a Gloucester Meteor at 606.38 mph

Wreck of SS Richard Montgomery

The controversial wreck of the SS Richard Montgomery is at 51 28.0' North & 00 47.01' East to the centre of the ship wreck WGS 84 Chart Checks 1st March 2006. She is on the edge of the Nore Sands at 1.5 nautical miles off Sheerness Isle-of-Sheppey. Still loaded with unexploded munitions close to the dredged shipping channel approaches to the River Medway & Garrison Point

Visit SS Richard Montgomery to find out more about the ship the wreck & the potential threat to Kent & Essex Coastal Towns

Barge off Whitstable

Join a special event on the water during Whitstable Oyster Week: Harbour Day: The Thames & Swale Barge Matches

See first hand the Captains of these giants of a bygone age pit their wits against one another to gain the best breeze

Repertor & Portlight off Isle-of-Sheepey

Repertor pursued by Portlight off the Isle of Sheppey

Seals on Margate Sand

Come on a Sealfari to watch Seals on the sands, or enjoy a trip around the Isle of Sheppey into the Medway under the Kings Ferry Bridges & return through the Swale

Kings Hall Balcony & Herne Bay Pier Head

Join us on an evening cruise

Sunset from SB Greta

Choose a leisurely evening onboard a sailing barge

RiB off Herne Bay

Or see more from a fast RiB (Rigid Inflatable Boat)

Tornado RiB Engines

One of the Tornado RiB's fitted with two powerful 150 HP Optimax Mercury outboard motors

Safety Patrol Boat

Canterbury City Council Inshore Patrol Launch

Kept at Hampton the vessel monitors waters between Seasalter in the west to Reculver in the east

Enforcing water safety of all leisure craft, wind surfers, para gliders & swimmers

Additional photographs: Gerry Zeirler, Mike Albury & Steve Norris

See pictures of our Radio Forts Special for RiB Power Cruises navigate from Boat Trips 2

For details of our Thames Sailing Barge see Greta 1

To see more Barge Sailings navigate from Boat Trips 4

What you've said about our cruises ......

I can't thank you enough on behalf of my brother and my friends for one of the best days we've ever had. the chat in the cafe and on the way home was non-stop! I've completed 11 world cruises on the QE2 taking in a variety of sights but I can honestly say this one was the best. keep the flag flying & many many many thanks. Sincerest wishes and kindest regards - Mark Hutchins.
ps: I think a barge trip is on the horizon

Many thanks for your commentary successful on photography.
I have enjoyed reading Making Waves, the reproduction quality of the photos is excellent.
Good luck with the Red Sands project, I look forward one day to be able to climb up into the control tower! - Neil Edwards

Thanks for a lovely day out on the briny, memories of happy radio days - John, Peter, & Paul

Attached you might recognise the photo I took on the trip in mid - August, great cruise with a Brilliant Sunset. It was when the Silly B__l_x was holed up in the old searchlight weather tower making-up ghost stories for his website, ridiculous - Dave

Superb day out, the whole family had a wonderful time - Steve

Happy days, watery wireless, big old towers, can't wait to listen to the CD's I bought from you - Greg

Thanks for an interesting narrative, hadn't realised how much history the forts had - Carrie

Very pleasant to be aboard Greta again, always a friendly welcome from your crew, bit of a misty day but a nice day - Neil Edwards

We've had our trip on SB Greta today and loved every minute. The weather was fantastic and the sea like a millpond. Thanks for sorting out the problems with our booking - Regards Hilary Finnis

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