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A Radio Forts Special by fast RiB from Herne Bay on 14th May 2006

RiB by Shivering Sands

The May 14th 2006 Radio Forts Special at Shivering Sands

Shivering Sands Bofors Tower

The Army Forts on Shivering Sands once base of the eccentric horror rock artist Screaming Lord Sutch & Radio Sutch for all Shivering Sands radio history navigate from Sutch & City Pics 1

Shivering Sands Control Tower close up

Taken over by Screaming Lord Sutch's Manager Reg Calvert

Trippers on the RiB

The station renamed Radio City was to be outlawed & closed down on Wednesday 8th February 1967

Knock John looking east Knock John looking south east

11 nautical miles from Herne Bay the Knock John Fort

Knock John underside to north Knock John underside to north west

Naval Fort Knock John on the edge of the sand bank & shipping channel of the same name

Knock John looking south Knock Kohn looking south west

Long abandoned the twin towers are an impressive structure

Knock John looking south with angling boat

These days the forts are a favourite spot for anglers, keen to catch Sea Bass lurking in the depths around the fort bases

Radio Essex were here

Following battles for control between Radio City & Radio Essex Knock John was taken over by Roy Bates

The broadcasts of his Radio Essex emanated from here for some 14 months with tests commencing in October 1965

Knock John & angling boat looking south west

For the whole history of the Maunsell Sea Forts see Fort Fax

For the documented Radio Broadcasting history of the Sea Forts there's a range of CD's, Books, DVD's Posters & Videos available from the Offshore Shop

Trippers back on shore at Herne Bay

The gift of a (very) late Christmas present enjoyed by this family

Keith Eager family

Keith Eager & his family came up from West Sussex

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