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Thames Estuary Barge Sailing

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Oil Painting of SB Greta at Hollow Shore

Painting of SB Greta anchored at the Shipwrights at Hollow Shore, the junction of Faversham & Oare Creeks

Now pictures taken on a warm summers day Friday 25th August 2006

Deck SB Greta

Leaving Whitstable Harbour bound for the Thames Estuary soon at 5 miles off the coast the Windfarm on the Kentish Flats

Elsam wind turbine

One of the 30 massive Elsam Wind Turbines

Shivering sands looking towards windfarm

Arriving at Shivering Sands Army Forts looking South West through the Windfarm

Remaining 6 towers at shivering sands

The six remaining towers on Shivering Sands with G1 Gun Tower in foreground, the 1st occupied by Radio Sutch in 1964

Bofors gun tower

The Bofors Gun Tower at Shivering Sands

Remains of catwalk shivering sands

The support wires all that remains of the catwalk built by Radio City for pictures of its construction see Sutch & City  Part 2

Steve at helm circles shivering sands

With the wind fallen away a motor around the fort complex with Captain Steve at the helm

Approaching red sands army fort

A short leg to Red Sands Army Forts home of 3 separate Pirate Radio Stations in the 1960's

 Ships dog Alfie sleeping

Ships dog Alfie enjoys a nap in the sunshine

Tomo goes fishing

Crew member Tomo prepares to do a spot of fishing

Red sands army fort with its new landing stage

Red Sands with the Mowlem landing stage in place at the Southern G1 Gun Tower fitted earlier in 2006

For progress on the refurbishing of these forts see Project Redsand

For the whole history of the Maunsell Sea Forts see Fort Fax

Tomo has a cuppa

A welcome cuppa as we return to Whitstable

For the documented Radio Broadcasting history of the Sea Forts there's a range of CD's, Books, DVD's Posters & Videos available from the Offshore Shop

Picture pages : 1 : 2 : 3 : 4 : 5 :

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