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SB Greta at work off the east coast in the 1960's

Painting of SB Greta at work off the East Coast in the 1960's

Now a brilliant sail on Monday 4th September 2006

Kent & Essex Fisheries Patrol Vessel

The Kent & Essex Fisheries Protection Patrol Vessel drops by

Barge arrives at Red Sands Army Forts

As we arrive at Red Sands Army Forts

Tea's made

Just in time for Tea

Off Red Sands Army Forts

Everyone's always thrilled to see the forts

Fisheries Patrol leaves

The Fisheries Vessel resumes Patrol with Shivering Sands Army Forts in the background

Gun Tower 4 legs

Base of Gun Tower 4 with Seagulls roosting

Derek Ray sketching

Artist Derek Ray with sketch pad captures the moment

Gun Tower 4 legs

Note at low tide the detail of the oxford picture frame base

Gathering at wheel colour sketch

Derek Ray's sketch's - Gathering at the wheel

Greta Saloon

Greta Saloon

6 of the Red Sands Forts

6 of the towers that make up Red Sands Army Fort

 Close up into Searchlight Tower

Close up view into the Searchlight Tower where the generators are housed

You can see the Generators in action on Radio 390 in Red Relics

Southern Gun Tower1 new platform

The new platform base & ladder arrangement into the Southern Gun Tower 1

Southern Gun Tower1 new platform close up Southern Gun Tower1 new platform over view

Erected in 2006 this is the 1st phase of the refurbishment of the fort by Project Redsand

Red Sand Towers North Buoy

Redsand Towers North Buoy

All 7 Red Sands Forts 1

All 7 Redsand Towers from the North West

All 7 Red Sands Forts 2

For the whole history of the Maunsell Sea Forts see Fort Fax

Simon Greta Crew with the Windfarm in the background

Approaching a wind turbine Wind turbine cose up

A calm day & close sail by a Elsam Wind Turbines

Plans to build more Windfarms in the Thames Estuary are being greeted with mixed views

Ramsgate, in Thanet where a £400 million 150 turbine site should be completed by 2010

Gunfleet 1 & Gunfleet 2 are to be built 5 miles off Clacton Essex, with them the East Coast seascape will dramatically change & make life interesting for ships approaching the Thames Gateway Container Terminal

This London Array will make entry to all the ports of the East Coast a challange for other shipping & Yachtsman when taking into account the ever-shifting sand banks

108 turbines are also proposed off Norfolk at Sheringham Shoal

Sketch sailing through wind farm

Derek Ray's - Greta & the Windfarm on the Kentish Flats

Happy Punters

Happy Sailing Trippers, come & join us soon

Stowing Fore s'l

Above Derek Ray's - Stowing the Fore s'l

With the wind falling away & approaching harbour the sails are dropped

Barge on Faversham Creek colour sketch

Derek Ray's Up The Creek

A barge under tow making its way up Faversham Creek

For the documented Radio Broadcasting history of the Sea Forts there's a range of CD's, Books, DVD's Posters & Videos available from the Offshore Shop

Picture pages : 1 : 2 : 3 : 4 : 5 :

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