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"Radio's Bust"

When radio folk travel they scan the dial, flipping through the channels on their journeys

I find the big radio groups ‘pop-up’ with regular monotony, they of course have the same play-list, and the same dull features

If that’s not bad enough the BBC local stations are similarly playing tired songs as speech padding. There’s virtually no music in many BBC breakfast programmes, and in those that include music, it’s from a centrally generated play-list rolled out over the entire local network

Bust Radio

Regional ILR and BBC Radio are completely uninspiring; they’re all doing exactly the same thing as one another. But why are these stations allowed to hog the dial with repetitive dross, and the BBC at licence payer’s expense?

These day’s presenters are nothing more than robots, discouraged from having choice. So they take instructions from a screen, doing exactly what and when they’re told

Radio’s a dying medium, not surprising it’s no longer inspiring and has a general apathy and lack of diversity

Ofcom are busily selling Community licenses ahead of the big FM band shake up before chunks go to the Telecom Industry

Ofcom and the Radio Authority before them surely are at fault for allowing radio to fall into this sorry state

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