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"A Voice at any Cost"

Well actually it’s free!

But likely it’ll cost you in the end as more and more community radio stations appear virtually anyone can get on-air

To fill gaps in the schedule you’ll find kids playing their favourite ‘tunes’, Night Club Jocks grunting and groaning in a language of their own playing all manner of inappropriate mixes & people who've never or were last in front of a Mic' in the dark ages

Almost without exception these people haven’t the vaguest idea what’s required. Left to their own devices these untrained people are largely undisciplined, many don't even have a basic command of English, their speech being littered with dreadful grammar and pronunciation

By way of example; listening to one jolly little community station at the weekend we heard firstly a media studies youngster who’d clearly hadn’t learnt much! And apparently the stations Chairman who really shouldn’t be anywhere near a radio studio, let alone microphone

A voice at any cost, yes but it'll like cost you in listeners

Michael Franklin - Hull, UK


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