Profile of Bob Le-Roi

From Offshore, Private, Independant, BBC to the ILR Network.

Specialist in Presentation, Interviewing, Commercial Production,

Voice Over, Music Programming, Documentaries, Consultancy & Radio

Support Services:

  • Radio City
  • BBC Medway & Kent
  • JKFJZ & Z97
  • Radio Caroline
  • Invicta Radio
  • Southern Radio
  • JKFJZ & Z97
  • Juke Box Memories
  • Radio Fax
  • CTR
  • Medway FM
  • London, RNI
  • Thanet Local Radio
    • Kent Coast Radio
    • East Kent Radio (EKR)
    • White Cliffs Radio
    • Coastline FM
    • DMG Radio
    • GWR
    • Europa International
    • Calypso 102
    • European Klassic Rock
    • The Voice of Peace
    • Radio Seagull
    • Maritime Radio (London)

    Radio City PR picture 1965

    1965 Radio City (1965 - 1966)

    When I joined Radio City a listener told me in those long gone days I'd one day have my own radio station. I have to say that at times it was doubtful I'd ever realise that ambition. Winning a license is an amazingly difficult time consuming and expensive process, but after all the hard work oh so satisfying

    Radio City Sticker

    Hailing from a nautical family and having a flair for music there was a natural draw to the sea and with Offshore Radio. Short of DJ's I found myself a young lad aboard an abandoned WW2 Sea Fort on Shivering Sands off the coast of Southern England. I didn't realize how lucky I was to have made it to Radio City, perhaps I was unlucky as that experience was to map out my whole life

    Medway FM Prees Shot 1993

    1993 Medway FM 1993 (1992 - 2000)

    I was part of the winning team successful in securing the North Kent licence in face of fierce competition. In its first 3 years Medway FM became a credible, respected and highly successful radio station

    Medway FM Letter Head GWR Flame Logo

    In my role as Programme Director (PD) and mid-day presenter at Medway FM I was instrumental in growing the audience to 20% throughout Medway & 15% in the rest of North Kent. Bought by DMG Radio (Daily Mail Group) I remained as PD and continued for a while with GWR after they aquired the station

    BBC Radio Kent 1970's Logo
    TLR Early Logo 1990's
    EKR Logo

    On air at TLR

    1993 - Thanet Local Radio -
    Imperial House Margate
    (1992 - 1995)

    In addition to Medway I was involved most of the Kent ILR applications. I worked on five of TLR (Thanet Local Radio) seven broadcasts, & wrote part of its application. I worked on the Dover/Folkestone, Gateway Radio, The Sound, White Cliffs Radio, and Coastline. In Canterbury I was an integral part of Kent Coast Radio and EKR (East Kent Radio) all as a prelude to licenses being awarded in those respective areas. I was also responsible for three Maidstone RSL's run under the Medway FM banner

    1970 Press Shot

    1973 BBC Radio Medway BBC Kent Kent -
    30 High Street & Sun Pier Chatham (1973, & between 1978-1987)

    Born and bred in Kent it was natural progression for me to become involved with one of the first BBC local stations. BBC Radio Medway launched on 18th December 1970 @18.00 hours. I was to be a freelance from 1973 and again work for the station through the 1980's after it became Radio Kent

    Gateway Broadcasting letter head
    Kent Coast Radio Letter Head
    EKR Logo 2

    KFJZ 1270 Logo Europa Radio International 2nd Logo

    Other stations where I've been heard include KFJZ/Z97 in Dallas/Fort Worth USA. I worked on Juke Box Memories the ILR sustaining service. And on the powerful innovative short wave station Radio Fax in Ireland where I programmed & presented a weekly programme under the name "Red Sands", I worked for David Lucas at Radio Services on his Channel Travel Radio and with a colleague ran the mega powerful Europa Radio International sevice out of Latvia

    The gaps in between saw me work for SERED and Sovereign Recording Studios, as well as running the PA and recording the Diocesen Confences at Canterbury Cathedral, we repaired TV's, radios and installed arials. From there I joined R.E Cranfield, Sound and Vision Department also training as a photographer. To enable me to keep active in radio I briefly worked as a milk boy, bought, refurbished and sold cars, before going to GEC Avionics (Elliott Brothers, Marconi Avionics now BEA Systems) firstly as a commissioning engineer on the A7 Corsair for the USAF then as Senior Reliability Engineer for General Dynamics on the F16 aircraft taking the Head Up Display system (HUD) through reliability trials. The final non-radio job was at EPS where I devised, and project managed an integrated Royal Naval Submarine containment system

    On air at KFJZ/Z97

    KFJZ Breakfast Show - Dallas, Fort Worth Freeway USA (1980)

    I was after time at BBC Radio Kent to join the Invicta Radio Group, where I spent several years presenting most time slots settling on drive-time. This provided the ideal foundation for taking on the challenge for the last full UK ILR Medway FM

    Invicta FM Logo 1990's

    Supported by a team of enthusiastic amateurs we staged two RSL broadcasts and in parallel, campaigned the Government to clear use of 105 - 108khz for the new ILR (Independent Local Radio) Ultimately, through these efforts, Medway made the Radio Authority working list. We continued working, solidly gaining support, financial backing, and potential advertisers from the business community until the license was advertised. After 4 years we were justly rewarded by winning the bid in the face of fierce and serious competition

    On air Invicta Radio Group
    Invicta Radio - Whitstable Studio (1988 - 1993)

    Crazy Bob Characture

    Invicta Radio - Crazy Bob Cartoon (1988)

    Medway FM Presenter Photo Card

    Medway FM - Presenter Photo Card (1997)

    Tea Time on Red Sands Fort

    Red Sands Radio (2007 - 2014)

    On air Caroline Overdrive

    1985 Radio Caroline Overdrive -
    Ross Revenge (1985)

    Radio Caroline 1970's Logo

    I was to join Radio Caroline, and would have done so before had the ships not been seized at sea. Indeed it was not until the 1970's I was first heard on Caroline, when at the invitation of Rob Eden I recorded "filler" tape programmes many produced by Andy Oldfield

    Radio Caroline 1980's Logo

    Blame the salt in my blood, but I maintained my association with the Caroline organization tendering the Ross Revenge with essentials through the 1980's, and appeared again whilst I was actually with the BBC. Amazingly I wasn't to be heard regularly "live" on Radio Caroline until the late 1990's and into the new millennium

    Other ventures in radio include European Klassic Rock, The Breakfast programme on 1540 The Voice of Peace in Israel and the UK

    European Klassic Rock Logo 2000 Voice of Peace Logo Radio Seagull Logo 2003

    Plus a weekly rock and new music show for Radio Seagull in the Netherlands

    On air Radio Caroline

    1999 Radio Caroline - Maidstone Studio (1999 - 2000)

    At the invitation of the owners I worked at a privately owned radio station in Malta

    I returned to re-brand and image Calypso 102 which under went a major change to be re-launched as 102.3 Calypso FM

    Calypso 12.3 FM Logo 2002

    I once again presented a daily programme and turned the station around to became the second most popular in the islands

    I can still be heard across the Mediterranean on various commercials

    On air Calypso 102.3

    2002 Calypso 102 - Victoria Gozo Malta 2000 (1999 - 2002)

    You'll hear me on the ILR Network at times as the voice behind a number of National Commercials produced in our own facilities that continues to attract new clients

    ComProd Logo

    Commercial Production

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    Radio Consultancy & Support

    Music programming, independent production & presentation of programmes for radio, copy writing & voice over, audio documentary making

    Bright Ideas

    Consultancy, Radio Support, In dependant Programme Production

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    On air RNI LV18

    1999 Radio Northsea International - Light Vessel 18 (1999)

    Having begun my career on Offshore Radio, I was asked to join the commemorative broadcasts of Radio London and Radio Northsea International from ships moored of the Essex coast

    Radio London Big L Logo 1999 RNI Logo Merlin One Logo

    Other notable broadcasts include participation in a special broadcast on the Merlin Network along with Johnny Walker and Chris Evans "live" from Medway FM broadcast across the World

    In 2007 Red Sands Radio established to commemorate the outlawing of the Pirates from the Forts in 1967. The arduous task of installing generators, electrics, cleaning out the Fort and building studios began 40 years after we did it 1st time! Since Red Sands Radio went from strength to strength as a well respected Community station for the Thames Estuary Basin and North Kent Coastal Towns. Susequently brand continues as Red Sands Radio Productions

    Red Sands Radio Logo

    (2007 - 2014 as Red Sands Radio) To date as Red Sands Radio Productions

    Producers of Independent Radio Programmes, including 'Bob's 60's Splash' heard on selected radio stations in the UK and overseas

    Documentary Production, Music Programming, Voice Over, Commercial Production, Presentation for TV and Radio

    Medway FM Cruiser

    Independent Producer/Presenter/Music Programmer - To date

    Broadcaster, Music Programmer, Presenter, V/O, Copy Writer, Radio Historian and Author

    BBC Radio 2 Logo Gcap Logo

    Work and contributions to programmes for BBC Network Radio, UK ILR Stations, BBC Regional, Private and Overseas Radio. Music Programming, Presentation, Voice Over, Copy Writing, Commercial Production, Interviews, Research and Documentary Production

    Local author with established highly successful Media Website opened in 2000

    Presenter of the Red Sands Radio Production of 'Bob's 60's Splash' on Radio Mi-Amigo International heard weekly on Fridays at 12.00 CET and Sundays at 9.00 CET until the demise of English Service in July 2019
    Founder Director, Senior Producer, Presenter and Head of Music at Maritime Radio (London)

    Maritime Radio Logo

    Maritime Radio (London) 2015 To date

    BBC 1BBC 2Canada Channel 4Channel 5 Yesterday
    GermanyJapanSky History Some of the Channels where presenting to camera in Documentary Programmes World Wide TV 2003 - To date
    Introduced initially on Invicta Radio 'Bob's 60's Splash' can now be heard on UK stations, and a growing list of overseas stations including those in Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Slovatia, Norway, Sweden, Irael and more. The Red Sands Radio Production of 'Bob's 60's Splash' is Presented from our Thames Estuary Studios

    Yachts Thames Estuary

    'Bob's 60's Splash' 1988 - To date

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