Stylus Fusion SMD 974

Hip House Compilation

Various Artists
20 tracks as listed

Comilation CD released by Stylus Fusion in 1989
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Track Listing
1.Rob Base/DJ EZ Rock - Get On The Dance Floor 11.d Mob - We Call It Acideed
2.Debbie D - Hit The Rap Jack 12.Wee Papa Girl Rappers - Blow The House Down
3.Milli Vanilli - Girl You Know It's True 13.She Rockers - Get Up On This
4.Adeva - Respect 14.MC Bam Bam - Wind Me Up
5.Kid's N Play - Rollin' with Kid 'n' Play 15.Lakim Shabazz - Getting Fierce
6.Monie Love - I Can Do This 16.MC Duke - I'm Riffin'
7.Jazzy Jackson - Faster Than Fast 17.Black, Rock N Ron - Black, Rock n Ron
8.Real Roxanne - Respect 18.Electra - Jimbaro
9.Jungle Brothers - Straight Out Of The Jungle 19.Kids 'n' Play - 2 Hype
10.Salt n Pepper - Twist & Shout 20.Marshall Jefferson - Truth Open Our Eyes

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