Relativity 467109 2

Steve Vai

Passion & Warfare
14 Tracks as listed

A large portion of power rock with this guitar hero. Value: Unlisted
Condition: Excellent little played as new, case also excellent with poster & notes
Terms: All prices inclusive of P&P within UK mainland, with no returns


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Track Listing
1.Liberty 8.The Audience Is Listening
2.Erotic Nightmares 9.I Would Love To
3.The Animal 10.Blue Powder
4.Answers 11.Greasy Kid's Stuff
5.The Riddle 12.Alien Water Kiss
6.Ballerina 12/24 13.Sisters
7.For The Love Of God 14.Love Secrets

Review Comments

Have you bouncing off the cieling in no time at all


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