NED CD 198

Pet Clark

Jumble Sale
52 tracks as listed

Double CD of rarities and obscurities from 1959 to 1964 released on Pye Records in 1992
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Track Listing
1.Day In Day Our 27.When Light Are Low
2.Darn That Dream 28.Nighty-Night
3.Mama's Talkin' Soft 29.Jumble Sale
4.For The Very First Time 30.Too Late
5.That's How It Feels 31.Imagination
6.(Where Are You) Now That I Need You 32.Ever Been In Love
7.I Love A Violin 33.You're Getting To Be A Habit'
8.I'm In Love Again 34.With All My Love
9.A Doodlin' Song 35.All Over Now
10.There's A Small Hotel 36.Adonis
11.Lucky 37.Suddenly
12.Too Darn Hot 38.Watch Your Heart (Aye Moncoeur)
13.Where Do I Go From Here 39.If I Had My Way
14.I Love To Sing 40.My Heart (Amour)
15.Be Anything (But Be Mine) 41.Tender Love
16.On The Atchinson Topeka & ' Santa Fe 42.Cinderella Jones
17.George 43.No Love, No Nothin'
18.Gotta Have Me With You 44.Lucky Day
19.For Every Man There's A Woman 45.Through The Livelong Day
20.Night Has A Thousand Eyes 46.Whistlin' For The Moon
21.Fly Me To ' Moon 47.Some Other World
22.There's Nothing More I Can Say 48.Valentino
23.I Get Along Very Well' 49.Isn't This A Lovely Day
24.Mademoiselle De Paris 50.The Road
25.Just You Just Me 51.Saturday Sunshine
26.All Through The Day 52.Forgetting You

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