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Issue : 4

Dated : 26th August 2009

Recognising our Offshore Heritage we offered a number of nautical related items for sale, currently SOLD OUT

ALDIS lamp

ALDIS lamp unissued circa 1955 used for ship to ship daylight signalling

Utilising a swivelling concave mirrored reflector, the Aldis Lamp sends messages in morse code

The operator uses the sight on the top to point at the receiving station

The large trigger switches the light on, the smaller trigger, tilts the mirrored lens

ALDIS lamp box & spares

The unit comes in original box with key

ALDIS lamp box label

Used by The Royal Navy & Airforce, using clear, red & green filters, supplied it may also be used as hand held search light

Fitted with Bulldog Clips it runs from a standard 12 volt car battery & has original plug with a spare lamp

ALDIS lamp certificate p1

Also included issue certificate complete with original drawing pins!

ALDIS lamp certificate p2

Ebay occassionaly list these but we've never seen one complete with box, filters, certificate & spares


Navigation lamps

A pair of solid brass navigation lights removed from the Red Sands Radio Tender the X-Pilot

To see x-Pilot Navigate from Red Sands Radio - Part 1

Formerly 'Pilot' she was built by James W Cook & Co Wivenhoe, Essex in 1967

She worked out of Gravesend for the Port of London Authority until 1998

18/08/09 - I was an ardent Caroline fan in the 60's, and have had great pleasure looking through your wonderful extensive site. I came to Harwich this year and in 2007 and have been lucky enough to chat to many of my dj heroes from that era. I have recently bought a house previously belonging to Captin Rostron, who was captain of the Carpathia when it came to the rescue of the Titanic, and it still has a few remains from his time here. I would love to add the navigation lights from the X-Pilot as it would seem a good place for them to end up. I'd be very grateful and can assure you they'll get a good home

27/08/09 - Lamps received intact safely. Many thanks for considerate packaging. They are delightful. I will investigate the best way to put a small bulb in them and install them on the house. Then I'll send you a pic. But, knowing my list of 'things to do' it may be a little while. Nonetheless they look great on the mantlepiece for now. Best wishes Tony Lawther, Portswood, Southampton


Red Ensign

Red Ensign Flag circa 1960's measures 179 cm (70.5"0 x 84cm (33")


Baltic Lifejackets

Baltic Lifejackets Brand New unused rated 100 EN395 70 - 90kg (50 N) Quantity Ten (10) plus Two (2) Childrens

Listed cost £45-£50


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