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"Radio Adventures of the MV Communicator"

Radio Adventures of the MV Communicator book cover

By Paul Rusling

Size (Royal) 156mm wide x 234mm high. 206 pages, 156 black & white images within the text

ISBN Softback 978-1900401-12-8

ISBN Hardback 978-1900401-14-2

Purchased by an Irish business man the former British survey, ex-cargo vessel 'Gardline Seeker' was & fitted out as a Radio Ship in Port Everglades (Fort Lauderdale) Miami, USA

Having crossed the Atlantic Ocean she dropped her hook at the Margate Roads anchorage off the Kent coast. Languishing for some months she tested on 730 kHz using an aerial held aloft by helium balloon. The tests whilst a technical disaster prompted the extra funding needed to make the station full time

Note: Kent is attributed to the 1st ever Offshore broadcast as 'QFP' made in 1907 from the Royal Naval ship 'HMS Andromeda' moored off Chatham

This book briefly covers the earliest USA coastal 'Gambling Radio Stations' of the 1930's, the political Voice of America Broadcasts from the Coast Guard Cutter 'The Courier' 1952 - 1964, the Continental Ships from 1958 & the British 1960's Radio Pirates

The body of the book though is dedicated to how the re-named 'MV Communicator' survived, unscrupulous deals, boardings, government blockades & ferocious North Seas storms

From Laser 730 the highly regarded Laser 558, to the stations of Holland & finally the Super Station off Orkney on the North East coast of Scotland where the ship was finally broken for scrap

The Radio Adventures of the MV Communicator Reviews

An interesting book completes the Radio Ships long history as a radio sender up until its total demise by 2010

Is you've an anorak you'll need this to add to your shelf of radio books!

Certainly some facts and figures revealed for the first time, a well worthwhile read

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