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Making Waves

David Sinclair & Bob Le-Roi
A5 Paperback 88 Pages, 60 Pictures

Published for the 40th anniversary of the launch of Radio Essex, Britain's smallest Offshore Pirate Radio Station in October 1965. The story of Radio Essex that broadcast from abandoned World War II Knock John Naval Fort in the Thames Estuary. Lavishly illustrated with many never before published pictures
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Published by Bob Le-Roi ISBN 0-9551290-0-1
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Review Comments

31/12/07 - Many thanks for the books, poster & card. Although I haven't had that much time to read, I started with reading Making Waves. I think it's great to learn more about Radio Essex's history, as besides this book there is little published about the station.Have a great 2008 - Regards Jan van Heeren

24/1/07 - Many thanks received the book today & am very pleased, I look forward to reading about Radio Essex. On a clear day I can see the Knock John Fort from my house on the seafront at Holland on Sea. Best wishes & thanks again - Richard Walker
An enjoyable light read about life onboard the Knock John Fort in the mid 1960's & with the rather chaotic Radio Essex - Kevin Sykes

7/1/06 - The books have arrived safely & I must compliment you for your book ‘Making waves’. It was really interesting & written in such a way that you almost feel you were there on the Fort yourself. I shall get back to you with further orders - Ronny

I enjoyed reading this book bringing back so many personal memories, it's not only the story of the guy who went into radio but the struggle living after World War 2. The book tells the story of Radio Essex, later BBMS, Britain's Better Music Station. How Roy Bates ran the station on Army lines. Some interesting things can be found like the success of the live LP Sinatra in the Sands, which sold in Essex well as the LP, played every time a tender arrived. So much information recommend you get Making Waves with Radio Essex on the Knock John Fort. Illustrated with over 50 photographs many which I've never seen before & that tells you a lot! - Hans Knot - Groningen

Really enjoying reading your book Making Waves, excellent quality pictures too - Neil

I have now had a chance to read the Radio Essex book & I really enjoyed it. After spending a few evenings in the pub with various Essex DJs, I think I have probably heard all the stories before but I have never seen them in print. I hope the book does well. It certainly deserves to. I am sure that people will be fascinated to read what it was really like - Jon The Pirate Radio Hall of Fame

Just to let you know the book has arrived & I ve got stuck in already, I m at the point where Mr Sinclair has just p****d all over Roy Bates! In Nottinghamshire during 1965 /66 it was just possible to hear Radio Essex provided it was daylight & the rx had a long wire antenna in the car radio socket. The station always sounded like it needed a good antenna!. a great read - Dave Porter (G4OYX) Former BBC engineer at Woofferton HF now privatized VT Communications

Great stuff "Making Waves" is making up for those lost opportunities back in the 60s when I should have been tuning into the Fort based stations more than I actually did. Best Wishes - Dave Roberts


(c)Bob Le-Roi

Red Sands Radio, Whitstable, Kent, CT5 2PF, United Kingdom