ISBN 01901132-46-3

HM Naval Fort Knock John

Frank Turner
A5 Paperback, 36 Pages, 25 Pictures

The Definitive Series of Booklets; The Knock John Fort from inception, grounding in August 1942 WWII use & later as base of Radio Essex / BBMS (Britain's Better Music Station) until abandoned on Christmas Day 1966 when found to be within British Territorial Waters.
In 1992 Knock John had its 3.7" Guns pulled for display along with those from Tongue Sands at Scapa Flow. Left to the elements the Fort has long attracted visitors, is it the end of Knock John or will another chapter begin?


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The Definitive Series of booklets dedicated to individual Forts of the Thames Estuary


(c)Bob Le-Roi

Red Sands Radio, Whitstable, Kent, CT5 2PF, United Kingdom