ISBN 9 781904 006404

Radio Jackie

Colin King
A5 126 pages, 61 monochrome photographs & illustrations

Radio Jackie via Kaleidoscope taking their old pram on buses & the Underground, climbing trees to rig antennas, scrambling roofs tops, ducking & diving to miss the most determined of Radio Investigation officials
Loosing gear, finding loopholes to get it back, here you'll find the characters that made the station that went & became full time operation in SW London
From the initial broadcast the forced final closure, the broken promises & long wait as Radio Jackie finally gets a license. Illustrated with photographs, press clippings & pictures

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Review Comments

Thoroughly interesting read with many of the lesser know facts about Radio Jackie coming to light. A bit of fun tongue in cheek in part but well worth having on your bookshelf
21/02/08 - Book has arrived in mint condition, I've enjoyed the book, had a good read before going to the swimming pool this morning. Had no idea that two older men helped the Jackie team on to the air. Maurice was a real character. I knew a chap called Jim Coad who lived in Pinner who ran Radio Jim when he lived in Shepherds Bush. I did several shows for him on his Radio Free Caroline. He was always sending aerials up on balloons, he worked for the MOD or Post Office & was younger but as delightfully eccentric building transmitters. He build a jammer and jammed out the talk stations on medium wave in the 70s. He was a cheery chappie but I swear he had worms, always scratching his btm! Great radio voice though, often wonder what happened to him, Hope all is well with you as well, thanks for your superb service. Keith Knight 22/02/08 - Thanks, received it this morning and have not put it down yet. Best regards Mark Aston


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