46 minute documentary

Radio Forts Revisited

(c) Bob Le-Roi
Radio Forts Revisited

A fascinating look at the stations on sticks that operated from the abandoned Maunsell Sea Forts of the Thames Estuary. We revisit the former Military Forts & hear how they were built & sounded as bases for the Radio Pirates
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Review Comments

If Radio Essex/BBMS, Radio City, Radio 390 were on air today I would most definitely opt to tune into them! Anyway Bob the magic & enthusiasm of the fort based stations comes across via your documentaries so its no suprise I keep buying your CDs. Best Wishes - Dave Roberts
Like so many, I have recently become interested in the Thames Maunsell sea forts and am now writing a play inspired by them. I have read about the pirate radio era on the Forts, but had difficulty accessing facts about life there until now the Radio Forts Revisited is all I hoped for. Cheers - Roger Burgess
I recently ordered a couple of cds about the Radio Forts. Bearing in mind the price of these CD's, my expectations were not high. However, I cannot begin to tell you how delighted I was today when I played them. (they have been played a lot since) My next order will be with you shortly, but I had to send this and tell you how pleased I am. Take care - Phil, South Shields


(c)Bob Le-Roi

Red Sands Radio, Whitstable, Kent, CT5 2PF, United Kingdom