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Loving Awareness Album

SRC Records
Loving Awareness Album

The original 1970's concept Loving Awareness Album by the Loving Awareness Band. Digitally re-mastered in Holland & now available on Compact Disc. The 14 original tracks plus bonus extras: Ronan O'Rahilly & instrumentals versions of Love You To Know, No Other High, Close The Gate & Existence & Radio Caroline Jingles
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Review Comments

Thanks very much, Bob - Really excited to have a CD of Loving Awareness - takes me back to my teenage years in Kent, listening late night on an old valve radio to Radio Caroline. Great days....Keep up the good work! Regards - Tim Anderson
Thanks for the quick delivery of my order for the 'Loving Awareness' CD, now that took me back to happy days tuned to the Mi Amigo in the 70's. Cheers & good luck in all your ventures - Trevor A Smith
I remember this album from around the early Seventies being played on Caroline. It will be great to hear it again after so many years. I had the great fortune to have the track, "Love you to know," played for me by "Samantha Dubois," who I used to write to reguarly, and she always replied. It is so sad to know that she is no longer with us. But the memories will always be. Thank you for taking the time to read this message, and keep-on the memory of Loving Awareness. For a lot of us the dream is still alive - Michael Marilyn
I bought CD out of curiosity mainly because of the Blockheads connection. I have to say though, I'm enjoying it more than I expected (though the "Existence" instrumental, which is on right now, reminds me of the awful muzak that's meant to be relaxing that they play in the steam room at my gym!)Alan Lawson


(c)Bob Le-Roi

Red Sands Radio, Whitstable, Kent, CT5 2PF, United Kingdom