Colour Photograph

Photograph - Red Sands

(c) Bob Le-Roi

Forts from the Picture Post Series: Red Sands Fort - Looking North West at 19.50 on Saturday 27/08/05 Bob Le-Roi
The WW2 Thames Estuary Gun Towers are visible from Whitstable & Herne Bay Kent

Abandoned by the MoD in 1958, Red Sands was taken over by Pirate Radio Invicta, becoming Radio K.I.N.G & finally Radio 390 from 3rd June 1964 - 28th July 1967
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Review Comments

A lovely picture & nice family memory we were with you on the trip - Dave


(c)Bob Le-Roi

Red Sands Radio, Whitstable, Kent, CT5 2PF, United Kingdom