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"Commemorative Merchandise for 2014"

Radio City 2014 Print

Radio City 2014 Print

The Radio City 50th Anniversary Commemorative Print

(N.B Artwork by Radio City Fort caretaker & Artist Jerry Pitcher, above is a low definition reproduction for illustration purposes)

Specially produced for the 50th anniversary of the start of Offshore Radio from the Forts by Artist & former Radio City Knock John Fort caretaker Jerry Pitcher

This original artwork depicts the Knock John Naval Fort, a heavy Armstrong 3.7" Anti-Aircraft Gun, Shivering Sands Forts, Radio City's tender Harvester II, with Radio City stationary

Numbered & signed by the artist printed on high quality A3 or A4 size non-fade heavy weight paper delivered in a tough cardboard tube inclusive of post & packaging within the UK

Option 1

A3 Size

Option 1

A4 Size

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Please allow 28 days for delivery

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