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Radio Jackie

A Very English Struggle

by Colin King

126 pages with 61 monochrome photographs, press clippings & pictures

Radio Jackie Book Cover

The book takes readers on a trip from Radio Jackie's more than humble beginnings

Spawned in the post Marine Etc Broadcasting Offences Act period of 1967 many stations were to appear across the whole country, many were weekend or evening operations, most petered out

Over the rooftops

Over the rooftops for a quick getaway

Radio Jackie persevered, transporting their gear in an old pram, jury-rigging to car batteries with a long wire antenna's lashed to parkland trees & off the beaten track brown field sites

Making hasty getaways sometimes & sometimes not evading apprehension

Radio Jackie & Kaleidoscope boys

Strike a pose with a 1965 Peugeot - Roger Allen, Johnny C, unknown ?, Howard Smith, Pat Edison (Kaleidoscope) Martin Comley, Dave Owen, Dave Cliff

Under the promotional umbrella of the Free Radio Association Radio Jackie via Radio Kaleidoscope along with other Major City Stations went & became full time operations

Local Newspaper Headline

Colin's book is full off the offbeat colourful characters that make radio happen. Radio Jackie endured the raids & picked-up massive local support across SW London which ultimately became their downfall

Reporting Pirate Radio Raids

The book has the tearful final closedown, the agonising promises broken by the Authorities, the desperate wait for fate to cast its hand & finally Radio Jackie grow up & become an established licensed entity

Colin King in 2008

Colin King

For those in the business bits picked up during conversation's a few sparse words in print's about all that's been written about Radio Jackie, until now

Undoubtedly one of the best Landbased Pirate stations of the mid-1980's Colin's Radio Jackie's a worthy read for real Free Radio enthusiasts

Perhaps if Colin gets his wish the foundations of a future potential Film Script

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