The Light At The End Of The Tunnel
27 Tracks as listed

Double Gtaefold Sleeve Compilation Album released in November 1987 on MCA Records
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Condition: Records are unmarked, sleeve shows sign of normal & expected wear on spine comes with original MCA promotion letters
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Track Listing
1.I Feel Alright 15.Rabid
2.Anything 16.I Just Can't Be Happy Today
3.Lovely Money 17.Problem Child
4.Thanks For The Night 18.Nasty
5.Flan 9 Channel 7 19.Disco Man
6.Grimly Fiendish 20.New Rose
7.Stranger On The Town 21.Love Song
8.Neat Neat Neat 22.Feel The Pain
9.Alone Again Or 23.History Of The World
10.Is It A Dream 24.In Dulce Decorum
11.Smash It Up 25.Trojans
12.Psychomania 26.Eloise
13.Ignite 27.Shadow Of Love
14.Help 0.

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All the best songs of the Damned


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