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Our Boats & Sailing

The various craft we've owned & used along with some family history & a couple of friends vessels

Barge Building at Conyer

Barge Building at Conyer in the 1930's

Sawyers second left my Great Uncle Austin with far right my Grandfather Lesley

Martha Head

Great Aunt Martha who skippered her own Barge from Conyer

Conyer Creek & one of Grandfathers lorries

Conyer Creek at the end of the wharf one of Grandfathers Lorries

Navigate from Greta 1 for barges & books on Conyer

Phil in Canoe

Youngest brother Phil in the canoe made from old deck chairs & green camping canvas

Clinker built dingy

First of our clinker built found on the Medway & bought for £3

Clinker built dinghy

Bare of paint it looked more solid than it was, it was painted with black varnish below the waterline & inside with white topsides

2nd clinker built dinghy

Second clinker built at Seasalter lime green & blue mixed from various pots of old gloss - nice!

2nd clinker built dinhgy

This one came from Canterbury & cost us £5 but came with just about everything

2nd clinker built dinghy

Sadly we never had courage to sail it rather rowing or using a dilapidated British Anzani engine

Clinker Day Boat ashore off the Old Neptune Whitstable

Tragic struck shortly after the purchase of this 24ft Clinker Built Day Cruiser, she lost her mooring off Whitstable in a force 8 & came ashore by a concrete groin by the Old Neptune Whitstable

With her back broken she haulled up the beach by Andersons boat yard & declared a total loss, the diesel engine was removed & the hull burnt in situe with all copper & brass nailswere retrieved to be sold as scrap

We'd bought her for a song & remarkably even though she was uninsured, from the sale of the engine & scrap we only lost £7.00

Dejon 14 Dejon 14

Dejon 14 in the snow at Seasalter


Moorhen at Tyler Hill

Mirror Dinghy Mirror Dinghy

One of our two Mirror Dinghies

Mirror Dinghy

From Whitstable harbour ramp

2nd Mirror Dinghy 2nd Mirror Dinghy

The other Mirror at Westgate-on-Sea

2nd Mirror Dinghy 2nd Mirror Dinghy

Then on the River Stour Fordwich

1st Mirror Dinghy River Stour at Grove

Another day on the Stour Grove Ferry

On Herne Bay Pier Head in 1978 On Herne Bay Pier Head in 1978

Following the big storm of 1978 on the abandoned & isolated Herne Bay Pier head

On Herne Bay Pier Head Pavilion in 1978 On Herne Bay Pier Head Pavilion in 1978

Victorian Pavilion where once the ferries put in before sailing to Margate then across to Calais

River Stour towards Westgate Gardens River Stour towards Westgate Towers

Mirror on the Stour towards the Westgate Gardens & through the City of Canterbury

1st Mirror Dinghy at Whitstable

Launching by the Whistable Harbour Dolphin

Towards Oyster Buoy Whitstable Oyster Buoy

Out towards the Whitstable Oyster Buoy

Approaching Whitstable Harbour 1st Mirror Dinghy by Dolphin Whitstable Harbour

Approaching the harbour & back in

Jaguar 25 in Gillingham Marina

Jaguar 25

Jaguar 25 in Gillingham Marina

Pictured in Gillingham Marina

Jaguar 25 on River Medway

Sailing on the River Medway that divides Men of Kent born east & Kentish Men born west of the river

At the mouth of the Medway is Garrison Fort one of the Palmerston Forts

For the 4 forts between the Isle-of-Wight & Portsmouth see Solent

Jaguar 25 crossing the Thames Estuary

Across the Medway & Thames Estuary

See Medway Ports for details of shipping & sailing the Medway

Jaguar 25 off Southend

Southend in the Background

Henrietta in Whitstable Harbour

Henrietta in Whitstable harbour

At helm of Henrietta in the mid 1980's

The vessel we used to service Caroline through the 1980's

Gibsea at Kingsferry Bridge Isle-of-Sheepey

Gibsea about to pass under the 1960 Kingsferry Bridge on the Swale

At helm of Gibsea in Swale

The Isle of Sheppey fixed link see Stangate for the new Sheppey Crossing

Hollow Shore

Hollow Shore by the Shipwrights Inn at the junction of Faversham & Oare Creeks

Gibsea off Dover

High summer off Dover

Horse Sands Fort Portsmouth

Horse Sands Fort in the Solent off Portsmouth

Middle Sands Fort Portsmouth

Middle Sands Fort

Nab Tower off Bembridge Isle of Wight Nab Tower off Bembridge Isle of Wight

The Nab Tower off Bembridge the Isle of Wight marks the Solent shipping lane approaches

There are more pictures of these forts in Solent

Warships & ferries Portsmouth

Ferries & HM Warships make to sea from Portsmouth

Fecamp Northern France

Leaving Fecamp home of Radio Normandie

The first English language commercial radio programme was in 1925 sponsored by Selfridges & transmitted by Radio Paris who had a transmitter sited on the Eiffel Tower

The International Broadcasting Company (IBC) as Radio Normandy began in October 1931 on 265.5 m 1113kc's from studios in Fecamp using a 10 kw transmitter

La Havre Marina

Le Havre Marina


Moored in the picturesque Honfleur town harbour basin

Papillion in Whitstable Harbour

Papillion of Sheppey in Whitstable harbour primarily used for fishing parties

Alan Annis Alan Annis lands a Bass

Alan Annis catches a Bass

Graham Croft catches a Skate Peter Dale's Bass

Graham Croft lands first of the Skate as Peter Dale looks pleased with his Bass

Hands full of Skate

Not a fisherman's tale as I show off the three decent skate I caught in 20 minutes

Isle-of-Sheepey from Papilion

North West view towards the Isle-of-Sheppey

Sea Rogue in Dover

Medway FM Chairman's boat Sea Rogue in Dover before we made a heavy weather night sail to Ipswich

Beechy Head from Beneteau 393 Clipper

First picture of Beneteau 393 Clipper rounding Beachy Head for Eastbourne in 2002

Sovereign Harbour Logo

Lydia Crewe of Bates Warf Marine Eastbourne

Lydia Crewe of Bates Wharf Marine Eastbourne

Beneteau 393 Clipper on the hard

On the hard at Eastbourne

Nore Commodore in Newhaven

The Belize registered Nore Commodore

Nore Commodore Bridge Signage

Owned by Murray Tugs (Nore Maritime) Queenborough Isle of Sheppey Kent operational in Newhaven

For more on Murray Tugs see Big L 1997

Beneteau 393 Clipper in Chichester Harbour

Preparing to sail from our favourite mooring

Beneteau 393 Clipper sails from Chichester Harbour

In Chichester harbour

Beneteau 393 Clipper at Emsworth

On the visitors pontoon at Emsworth

Beneteau 393 Clipper Emsworth Pontoon

Again in Chichester harbour

Beneteau 393 Clipper off Seven Sisters

Light airs off Seven Sisters

Beneteau 393 Clipper off Pelsey Island

Moored off Pelsey Island

Beneteau 393 Clippe

For more Maritime adventures see Solent : South Coast Sailing : Boat Move : Stangate : Ghost Ship : Forts Race

For Barge Sailing pictures navigate from Greta 1

For all Whitstable Harbour days boats & shipping navigate from Harbour Days

For all our nautical features navigate from Afloat

Join us on a Sailing Trip from the North Kent Coast see Boat Trips

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