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Boat Move

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Issue 2 : Updated : 24th February 2010

From Brighton on the Sussex South Coast to Chatham North Kent on the River Medway

Dungeness Power Station & Old Lighthouse

Dungeness with Old Lighthouse & Nuclear B Power Station

White Cliff of Dover

Dover with the WWII Radar Towers on the White Cliffs

Dover's Western Hights

Dovers Western Hights

Dover Britain's favourite port logo

Dover Harbour Western Entrance

Green light to enter Dover Harbour West

White building centre is RNLI station by Tug Haven, beyond Tidal Berths & Granville Dock

Dover inner harbour plan

Dover Inner Harbour Plan

Dover Jetty Lighthouse

Dover Jetty Lighthouse, Ferry Berths & the Radar Towers

Tidal Berths Dover

Moored on the tidal berths by the Clock Tower & the Hoverport Terminal

Dover Marina logo

Granville Dock Lock Gates

Lock into Granville Dock it was here that Radio Caroline's Ross Revenge was taken after going onto the natorious Goodwin Sands

Cross Channel Ferry Berths

Leaving Dover passing the Cross Channel Ferry Berths

Seafrance Ferry sky photograph

Seafrance Ferries publicity shot

Dover Port Control

Dover Port Control at the Eastern Harbour Entrance

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