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Issue: 3 Updated : 24th February 2010

From Brighton on the Sussex South Coast to Chatham North Kent on the River Medway

Deal seafront & Clock Tower

Passing Deal with its unique seafront clock with rising & falling time ball, an aid to mariners in times gone by

Royal St Georges Sandwich

Royal St Georges Golf Course Sandwich

Richborough Power Station

Richborough with the cooling towers of the now redundant emulsified oil burning Power Station

This area was once site of Richborough Camp a military installation then as a major cross channel port for the Great War 1914-1918 then became Camp Kitchener refugee village

Between the wars train ferries ran to Zeebrugge, refugees returned in WW2 1939-1945

Great Eastern Railway Ferries

From 1969 - 1987 close to the old Port Richborough, Pegwell Bay was base of Kent's Hoverport (Ramsgate)

Port of Ramsgate Logo

Ramsgate Harbour Entrance

Ramsgate Harbour Entrance

Visitor moorings Ramsgate

On the visitors mooring Ramsgate

Ramsgate Harbour Overview

Overview of Ramsgate Harbour from the Royal Cinque Ports Yacht Club

Kalimera S

Kalimera S part of the historic ship collection

Same build style as the Radio Atlantis vessel the Jeannine

Port of Ramsgate from air

Ramsgate Harbour site from the air

Leaving Ramsgate

Leaving Ramsgate with the HGV TransEuropa Ferry in background

TransEuropa ferries sky photograph

TransEuropa Ferries publicity shot

North Foreland

Rounding North Foreland, Pilot on way back to Ramsgate


The Old Church Towers Reculver, see them on one of our Boat Trips

Hoo Robin off Herne Bay

Hoo Robin lying off Herne Bay, the Hoo Coasters from the Medway often at Whitstable Harbour off loading wood cargos onto the West Quay

Herne Bay Pier Head

The remains of the once splendid Victorian Herne Bay Pier

Nearly a mile out it's a sad sight of dereliction

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