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Valve & Doogal

A copy free feature of Brian, alias Valve as he plays with his MG "Doogal"

Mini Racing 1977

Off to a small start circa 1977 mini's - 7's, Formula Ford & Kart racing before the MG Midgets & B's

Lydden Programme 15/2/03

Marshalling at Lydden International Racing Circuit on Saturday 15th February 2003

Marshall's Hut #2

Absolutely freezing huddled in post 2's hut between sessions

Woolwich Car Ferry

Off to Alley Palley Boarding the Woolwich Car Ferry

Woolwich Car Ferry

Don't mention the other car diesel Citroen Xzara!


You said you wouldn't mention it!

South Bank

South Bank waterfront development from ferry

Brian on Ferry

Let me call my lawyer

Thames Barrier

Thames Barrier

Alexander Palace

Alexander Palace site of the Classic Car Show 15th March 2003

Alexander Palace Mast

Sadly the show was expensive, had few exhibits & judged to be one of the all time rip offs

MG's at Brooklands

MG Register at Brooklands 11th May 2003

MG's at Brooklands

Parked up on what remains of the famous circuit

MG's at Brooklands

The banking is deceptive imagine how it was for 1930's racing & trials drivers

Brooklands from MG

Drivers perspective from "Doogal"

Brooklands from MG

For more information on meetings at Brooklands visit their website

MG Run to Brighton

Spring Bank Holiday MG Owners Club run to Brighton

MG Run to Brighton

Started in glorious sunshine

MG Run to Brighton

With a well spread out field

MG Run to Brighton

Taking two separate routes

MG's at Brighton

We made it in "Doogal" with the top down all the way

MG's at Brighton

Despite heavy cloud & torrential rain towards the end of the run

MGB Convertion

Nice rubber bumper to chrome conversion

MGB Convertion Rear End

Same car rear aspect

Original 1970's MG

Along side original 1970's chrome mark 2

Doogal at House of Parliament

"Doogal" one of eighty Classic's invited from around the Country to the House of Parliament in Aid of Downs Syndrome on 5th July 2003

Doogal at House of Parliament

Car furthest traveled was from Preston Lancashire

Doogal at House of Parliament

Cars assemble inside secure area

Damon Hill & Jackie Stewart

Damon Hill who's son Oliver suffers from Downs Syndrome arrives at event talking to Sir Jackie Stewart

Damon Hill & Jackie Stewart with Doogal

Sir Jackie Stewart left Damon Hill right with Valve & Joy in "Doogal" cockpit below the Footman James flag

Doogal at Riverside Terrace

Parked up whilst tea taken on the riverside terrace

Joy Receiving Award

Valve's wife Joy receiving a crystal frame from Damon Hill

MP Fabian Hamilton MP from Leeds on the podium to the right


A total of £32,000 was pledged to the Downs Syndrome Association

Sponsors include Peter James of Footman James Insurance who pledged £5000 & the Autoglym

Valve gets the interview

Eastbourne Air Show August 2003 Radio RSL (Restricted Service Licence) interviews Valve about the merits of "Doogal"

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