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Bristol Cream Sir?

Sensations to enjoy whilst in Bristol

Clifton Suspension Bridge

Visually striking; The Isambard Kingdom Brunel Clifton Suspension Bridge

Views across Avon Gorge

Panorama over the Avon Gorge

See the 360 degree views from the bridge here

Clifton Bridge through mist

Take me out in the morning haze

Clifton logo

See more Great Buildings & the Clifton Suspension Bridge here or click on the logo above

Clfton suspension close up of supports

Clifton Logo 2

See the official Clifton Suspension Bridge websitehere or click on the logo above

SS Great Britain bows

Stunning engineering; Built & launched in 1843The Isambard Kingdom Brunel SS Great Britain

SS Great Britain close up of bows

Starboard prow of the SS Great Britain, work & monitoring continue throughout the ship whilst a European grant is sought to ensure the vessels preservation

Great Britain deck forward port

Colourful town houses overlooking Bristol Docks from the ships deck

Great Britain deck forward starboard

Should grant-aid be awarded the ship will be surrounded by a shallow lake of water giving the illusion of being afloat. Access beneath will still be possible but the hull will become fully environmentally protected by the roof of the false lake

Great Britain dining room

The first class dining room aboard the ship

Bristol docks night view

Bristol Docks at dusk from the ferry

Colston Tower night view

The Colston Tower from the ferry disembarkation

Cottage Pub Bristol Docks night view

The Cottage a busy public house in the centre of the docks

Great Britain night view bows

The SS Great Britain at night

Great Britain postcard

Also see the SS Great Britain website here or click on the logo above

Harveys exhibition

Above "Harveys" John Lamus centre & Linda right at the start of the exhibition, part of the Silver Collection can be seen in the background

Harveys LogoHarveys LogoHarveys Logo

Prestigious dining experience; At "Harveys" Restaurant which first opened in the 13th Century cellars beneath 12 Denmark Street in 1962

Terrence Conran head & shoulders

Designed by Terance Conran above "Harveys" was one of his first commissions as a 60's stylist. As design icon in the 70's he was founder of Habitat & since kitchens & restaurant design

Whilst his son Jasper has gone into clothing fashion

Harveys LogoHarveys sherry exhibitionHarveys Logo

In 1230 the Masters House as it was then known stored provisions for the Monastery of nearby St Marks, now the Lord Mayor's Chapel, until the dissolution of 1534.

The original flag stone floor remainsUntil the 1950's Sherry, Port & Table Wines were blended in the cellars visitors now enjoy the history of Sherry, casks, decanting, & of course tasting

Harveys Logo18th century drinking glasses close upsHarveys Logo

In addition to the finest collection of 18th Century drinking glasses, masterpieces include a wine glass used by Bonnie Prince Charlie. Additionally the museum houses antique decanters, corkscrews, cellar equipment, silverware & furniture

Harveys Logo18th century drinking glassHarveys LogoHarveys LogoJacobian roomHarveys Logo

The faithfully reproduced Jacobian room

Jacobian room group picture

Often seen in television period drama's It's one of the most difficult rooms in which to film & has been extensively used for camera training

Harveys LogoHarveys cellarsHarveys Logo

The mediaeval wine cellars meander under Bristol's town centre & contain some of the Worlds best vintage & quality wines

Harveys restaurant dining area

Serving Classic French cuisine in a contemporary style "Harveys" provides a vibrant & pleasing dining experience. The very best British produce with Eastern & Mediterranean touches has earnt "Harveys" acclaim & recognition from major food critics & the award of Michelin Star accreditation for the fourth successive year

Harveys front of house manager Frederic

Frederic knows every last detail about the cheeses he serves

Harveys LogoHarveys Finantial Director John LamasHarveys Logo

John soaks up the atmosphere

Harveys restaurant staff

The Magnificent 7; Frederic - Front of House Manager, Arnaud - Sommelier, Delphine - Chef de partie - pastry, Daniel Galmiche - Head Chef Manager, Laurant - Patissier & Chocolatier, Vincent - Assistant Front of House Manage & Glenn - Chef de Partie

Harveys contented diners

We're still standing, well just! Champaign, aperitifs, numerous bottles of wine, a tipple of the Sherry produced for Prince Charles's investiture & a few Cognacs

Question: I have a bottle of Harveys Copper Beech Sherry Fine Old Brown, I wonder if it's a vintage as I can't find any information anywhere & wonder if it might be worth something, can you help? have been trying for days to no avail. I would be so impressed if you get any information. Thank you - Dianne BellHarveys Reply: Copper Beech was discontinued about 4 years ago it's not a vintage. All sherry is a blend of several years wines with the youngest wine being in wood for at least 3 years. Not likely to be worth anything I'm afraid. Normaly it keeps for about 5 years. When opened it should be bright & clear & ok to drink. If it's cloudy then the best place is down the sink. It's very sweet & dark so quite good after dinner or over ice cream Christmas pudding etc. Try it first as it's not to everybodys taste

Was so impressed at your kindness & success in getting the information about the sherry. Unfortunately my sister and her other half found it when they took over an old off licence, local myth was that it was something exciting!

Never mind I'm sure they'll get over it!

Thanks again
Kindest regards

Harveys LogoHarveys LogoHarveys Logo

Bristol Cream sir... There's more to "Harveys" than Sherry when visiting Bristol enjoy all the sensations on offer

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