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Caroline Impounded

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Mi-Amigo Wheel House

32. Mi-Amigo Wheel House

Chrispian St John, ? Steve England

33. Chrispian St John ? Steve England

Chicago reading magazine

34. Chicago still engrossed in that magazine, must be 'Practical Wireless'

Rob Eden Tony Allan

35. Robb Eden
36. Tony Allan

Mi-Amigo Foredeck Mi-Amigo Foredeck

37. 38. Mi-Amigo Foredeck

Mi-Amigo Foredeck

39. Mi-Amigo Foredeck

Ronan O'Rahilly

40. Ronan in his 'silver fox' days

Mi-Amigo Starboard Bow close up Mi-Amigo port stern

41. 42. Mi-Amigo Starboard side to dock

NKS Hospital Ship

43. HKS Hospital Ship again


44. Mi-Amigo

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