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Sailing Barge passes Cheeta II

Sailing Barge out of Maldon passes the temporary Caroline South Ship Cheeta 11 in 1966 (Colin Nicol Pirate Radio Files)

Heather delivers diesel

Top-up delivery of Diesel Oil in 1984

Baas - 70's Caroline (M) Dutch 1973

MV Fredericia off the Isle-Of-Man in 1966

MV Fredericia off the Isle-of-Man in 1966

Nick Bailey - North (F) started as a News Reader, later South (M) 1966 - August 1967

Caroline North Antenna in 1967 top section distorted in a severe gale, new stays were fitted & tensioned but didn't correct distortion (Mike Wright Archive)

Captain Baeker - North (F) Skipper Fredericia 1964

MV Caroline in Ramsey Bay

MV Caroline in Ramsey Bay (Newsprint)

Bilbo Baggings see Andy Howard

David Baker - 80's Caroline (R) Short stint July 1987

Jeff Baker

Mike Baker - 70's Caroline (M) 1972

Mi-Amigo off Frinton-on-Sea

The Mi-Amigo off Frinton-on-Sea in 1970's

Steve Ball - 90's Caroline (R) Pre-recorded storm tapes

Bud Ballou - International (M) 1967 - 1968

Robin Banks see Robin Adcroft

Michael Bankwellworth

Crispin Bardsley - Ross Revenge Restoration Crew from 2008

Rex Barker

Simon Barrett, Andy Johnson, Mike Barrington

Simon Barrett, Andy Johnson & Mike Barrington on Ross Revenge 1984

Simon Barrett - 70's Caroline (M) 1976 (R) 1983 - 1985

11/05/09 - Simon Barrett certainly was broadcasting from the Ross Revenge. 1983-1985. Famous mention of "William" by The Smiths "That was William with The Smiths it was really nothing". That was what we land-based pirate jocks thought, that is why we flipped it over and spun the B-side until it became the A-side. Good to see this list

Norman Barrington

Norman Barrington on the Mi-Amigo 1973

Norman Barrington 1974

Norman Barrington on the Mi-Amigo 1974 (Norman Barrington Archive)

Norman Barrington 'Smythe' - 70's Caroline (M) DJ/Production/Engineer variously for Radio Caroline, Seagull, Atlantis, Veronica & Mi Amigo on board the Mi Amigo from December 1972 - July 1974

Mi-Amigo in the mid-1970's

The Mi-Amigo showing her age in the mid-1970's

Mike Barrington - Ships Engineer heard on air occasionally - 70's Caroline (M) 1978, 80's Caroline (R) 1984 - 1987

Mike Barrington took his name from Norman I guess he liked the name which incidentally is Normans real surname he added the 'Smythe' bit as a joke but only used for a couple of months

Mike was an Engineer on Caroline in 1978, he was involved with Radio Jackie, has worked on & off at the time of publication (2009) for Sealand for 30 years, flirted with the 'Free' Irish Stations in the 1980's, is Chief Engineer on the LV18 (LV18 Trust) worked at a Garden Nursery before spending we believe the longest single period oboard the Ross Revenge 13 straight months

Caroline House Holland

Carolne House, the Hague, Holland

Mike Bass - 70's Caroline (M) Radio Engineer - 1972

A competant engineer Mike Bass was to teach many the trade, very few people are aware that Mike gave asistance to the infant Radio Invicta & KING who were struggling to produce a usable signal from Red Sands Fort - see Mike Bass Tribute

Simon Bates

MV Fredericia off the Isle of Man in 1966

MV Fredericia in calm waters off the Isle of Man in 1966 painting in progress ship has yet to have bell embelished on funnel (Take 2 Archive)

Terry Bate - Caroline House Sales manager 1964 - 1967

Ross Revenge off Bradwell

Caroline 1548 the ship pictured during the Bradwell RSL between 10th December 1994 & 6th January 1995

Alan Beech - Caroline Ross Revenge Restoration from 2000

Roland Beaney - Ross Revenge Restoration from 2000

Freddie Beare see Ross Brown

Bilbo Beggings

MV Fredericia stern June 1967

The pleasure boat 'Che Sera' approaching MV Fredericia portside stern in June 1967 (Take 2 Archive)

Sally Beecham - Caroline House Sales Office - 1964 - 1967

Alongside MV Fredericia June 1967

Alongside the MV Fredericia iwith Mick Luvzit on far right in June 1967 (Take 2 Archive)

Enlarged from negative then scanned unable to identify anyone else on board?

Johnny Lewis, Howard Beer

Johnny Lewis & Howard Beer undated

Howard Beer - 80's Caroline (R) Tender Skipper 1985 - 1987

Bellanoel, Jeanette

Bellanoel & Jeanette

Bellanoel - 80's Caroline (R) Tendering 1986

Jeremy Bender - 70's Caroline (M) Dutch 1973

Michael Benjamin

Bert Bennet - 70's Dutch Caroline (M) 1973

John Bennet - 80's Caroline (R) July 1986 Disco DJ from Cheshire came to Caroline via Voice of Peace, died 6th September 2014

Grant Benson

Grant Benson come out, of the bridge chart room Ross Revenge 1983

Grant Benson - 80's Caroline (R) October 1983


Caroline 70's Summer hand out

Elija Van Drer Berg - Haag Office 1972 - 1974

Harry Bergman

Tony Berret

Chris Berry

Mi Amigo Beached at Frinton

Mi-Amigo beached at Frinton in storm seas on 20th January 1966

Colin Berry - 1st Caroline (F) 'Commercial Voice' 1964, (F) (M) DJ South 1965

John Bilby - 80's Caroline started as a cook with programmes over Christmas 1987

Stuart Bindson

Jimmy Bird

Stephen Bishop aka Johnny Lewis 'Moss' the lad - 70's Caroline (M) 1978, 80's Caroline (R) 1984 - 1986, Satellite/Internet from 1999

Laser 730 Test Period, Ireland 80's, Wyvern, Invicta, Mellow 1557, TLR, KM

Worked on a pig farm in Suffolk, Johnny's introduction to Caroline through helping out on boat trips to the Mi-Amigo. He later became an engineer DJ staying until the ship sank in March 1980. A spell on the Voice of Peace followed & then the free radio scene in Ireland. The call of the sea came again in 1984 helping out Laser 558 before a return to Caroline in 1985 with friends maintaing a link to his late father Peter in Suffolk. By 1987 he'd joined Radio Wyvern in Hereford/Worcester, then the Invicta Radio Group in Kent. H was at Thanet KM & most recently Academy FM (Thanet) leaving in October 2013 for Heartsdown College (Thanet) for more see Johnny's Website

Kevin Black

Mi-Amigo Pulls herself free

Mi-Amigo with her anchors set pullingherself into deeper water (Keystone)

Kitty Black - Atlanta (M) Shareholder of CBC (Plays) UK with Allan Crawford & Oliver Smedley 1960 - 1967, Director of Project Atlanta,Engineering Secretary 1963 - 1965

You might like to see the following tributes to Kitty Black 1 : 2

Roy Black

Guy Blackmore see Jim Gordon

Johnnie Blackburn - 90's Caroline (R) June 1990

Maureen Blackburn - Caroline House Ken Evans Secretary 1964 - 1967

Tony Blackburn

Tony Blackburn in the Mi-Amigo studio 1965

Tony Blackburn - South (M) 1964 - 1965

Erwin Van Der Bliek - 70's Dutch Caroline (M)

Captain Bob

Captain Bob portside deck Ross Revenge 1984

Bob the Captain - 80's Caroline (R) Captain Ross Revenge 1984

Jeff Bolan

Fred Bolland, Willy

Fred Bolland on deck of Ross Revenge with 'Windy' skipper Willy in the Dinghy 1985

Fred Bolland - 80's Caroline Radio Monique service & supplies to Ross Revenge (R) 1985 - 1989

Nick Bolland - 80's Caroline (R) Short 2 week holiday stint July 1987

Jimmy Bond


Dr Boogie

Kees Borell

Offshore Radio Christmas Card 1967

Christmas Card painted by Francies Moore in 1967

She tells 'It was a panel from a record box I made at the time as the MoA Act loomed'

Robin Boston - Caroline House Commercial Traffic 1964 - 1967

Ted Bouwens - 70's Caroline (M) Dutch 1972 - 1973

Del Boy (R)

Andy Bradgate/Colin Mueslibar - 90's Caroline (R) June 1988

Paul Brand

Peter Brian

Peter Brian (Martin Stevens)

Peter Brian - 70's Dutch Caroline (M) 1972

Mike Brill

Mike Brill

Mike Brill - Internet from 2001

A former BBC engineer in the 1970's & 80's Mike was later to host 'Recorded Delivery' which became 'Kent Rocks'

Andy Brooks

John Brocks

John Brocks - Satellite from 2007

Johns been in UK, Austrian & Swiss broadcasting some 30 years, DevonAir, County Sound, Blue Danube Radio, Lantern FM, Radio Caroline & Pennine, European KlassiK Rock

Broono Brookes

Pat Brooks - 80's Caroline (R) 1987 then again 1989

Sietse Brouwer

Sietse Brouwer at Caroline Holland 1999

Radio Seagull Card

Sietse Brouwer - Dutch Caroline satellite from 1999

LV Jenni Bayton

Sietse Brouwer's Dutch Caroline became Radio Seagull now part of Radio Waddenzee on 1602 kHz AM (Dave Foster Archive)

Christmas greetings from Radio Seagull 2009

Greetings from Seagull Christmas 2008 (Sietse Brouwer Archive)

Moored between the islands of Vlieland & Terschelling the tender takes around an hour to reach LV Jenni Baynton from Harlingen

Seagull Christmas Wishes 2009

Radio Seagull Christmas Wishes 2009 (Sietse Brouwer Archive)

'Lord' Charles Brown - North (F) from November 1967 - 1968

12/12/09 : Yes I was Newreader/DJ on Radio Caroline North (International) under the name "Lord" Charles Brown. I am now retired and living near Johannesburg, S Africa LCB

David Brown

Geoff Brown - Atlanta then original Caroline (F) Engineer 1964 - 1967

Freddie Beare in 1967

'Frantic' Freddie Beare on Radio Caroline North taken by Jason Wolf in 1967 (Ross Brown Archive)

Ross Brown/Freddie Beare - (M) 1967 (F) September 1967 - March 1968

I served a very short time on the Mi Amigo from August 13th 1967 I mostly provided the news service, and then moved to the Fredericia from until March 1968 where I read news as Ross Brown and did an evening Tamala Mowtown/Atlantic records oriented Rhythm & Blues show as 'Frantic' Freddie Beare. When the ship was taken off the air after the introduction of Maritime Offences Bill which made it illegal to help the pirate stations, pressure was brought on the Manx Government to get them to stop Caroline North from operating. The Max Governments eventual capitulation meant that most of the British based DJs left the North Ship and volunteers were called for to keep the ship running I stayed behind staying on the ship until after the Fredericia had been towed into Amsterdam - Ross Brown

Errol Bruce - North (F) for 1 week then South (M) 1964 - 1966

Peter Bryan - 70's Dutch Caroline (M) 1972 - 1973

Max Buchanan/Glen Fiddick - 80's Caroline (R) short stay late 1989

Bid Bullo (M) 1967 - 1968

Caroline Info' Line press advert

John & Anita Burch - Caroline Movement News Line from 1968

Gerry Burke - South (M) & as Henry W Morgan 1966 - 1967

John Burnell

John Burnell in Ross Revenge Galley 1985

John Burnell - 80's Caroline (R) Engineer 1985 - 1986

Arthur Burton/Glen Fiddich - 80's Caroline (R) Overnight Alternative Service 1989

Howard Butler - 90's Caroline (R) came from Loughborough Campus Radio in 1990

Rolland Butter

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