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MV Cheeta II

The MV Cheeta II in 1966

David Caine

Andy Cameron - 90's Caroline (R) a few days in November 1987

Tony Cameron

Tony 'Haggis' Campbell (R) Skipper of Ross Revenge, November 1985

Ben Carpenter

Arthur Carrington - North (F) Radio Engineer 1964


Deck chaos tendering transfer 1985

Chris Carson, Charlie Wolfe

Chris Carson with Charlie Wolfe on-air in the Laser 558 in 1985

Chris Carson - Laser 558 Jock guest DJ (R) 1985

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Kevin Carter

Chris Cary see Spangles Maldoon

Rob Charles - 80's Caroline (R) came via the Voice of Peace in 7th January until the end of February 1987

Susan Charles

Susan Charles in the bridge newroom Ross Revenge 1984

Susan Charles - 80's Caroline (R) DJ, News, Supplies (R) 5th November 1984 - 21st March 1986

Tim Charles - Satellite/Internet from 2004

First covered Rob Leighton's show then solo from 2004


Jeremy Chalton

Jeremy Chartham - (M) 1979, Satellite/Internet from 2008

Jeremy was an engineer credited with presenting a single show on 21st June 1979 his 'on-air' name given by Tony Allan; Jeremy from 1970's politician 'Jeremy Thorpe' & the surname from a men's magazine personal product. He's joined Caroline on completing his school exams & went on to study electronics after the Mi-Amigo sank. at the date of publication 2nd March 2009 he's abroadcast engineer covering sport for Sky TV & looks after engineering at Crystal Palace Football Club RSL

Our thanks to Bob Lawrence for above - Ed

Peter Chicago, Frans Koller Peter Chicago

Peter Chicago with Frans Koller on fore deck Ross Revenge 1984
Peter Chicago on Ross Revenge starboard side aft deck 1984

Peter Chicago - Radio ham G3WZG - 70's Caroline, Transmitter Engineer & occasional DJ if pressed 1972 - 1980 (M) also on Seagull 1973, RNI's Caroline (MB) 1974, 80's Caroline (R) 1983 - 1991

RCA Ampliphase Transmitter Pdf1 : pdf2

Other than Ronan Peter has probably had the longest serving time with Caroline spanning more than 20 years, he's a practicing amateur radio operator, these days (2009) works as an accomplished Engineer for a National Transmitter provider

Peter still has an accociation with nautical broadcasting as Chief Engineer for Red Sands Radio

Tony Christian

Tony Christian in 2001 (Steve Szimtd Archive)

Tony Christian - 80's Caroline (R) 30th June 1985 - 21st July 1986, RSL's 1990's, Satellite from 2000

Following his time on the Ross Revenge Tony worked at Contact 94, he ran a specialist classic car business for some years before becoming a security officer

Alan Clark

Alan Clark on the Mi-Amigo 1972

Alan Clark - 70's Caroline Informal test DJ (M) 1972

Alan Clark was at Radio City until its demise there after joining Radio 390 as Christopher Clark. He bacame a journalist for Southern TV (TVS) & later married Helen who's an MP

Kerry Clark (Kerry Juby) - South (M) July 1967

Gary Clarke

Keith Clarke

Peter Clarke/Tate - 80's Caroline (R) 10th September - December 1983 ied in September 2002

Stuart Clarke - 80's Caroline (R) December 1986 - February 1987

Peter Clayton - Leader of the Ross Revenge Northern Repair Group from 1993 - 1998, 2nd Engineer to Chief Engineer, Ernie Stephenson, taking over as Acting Chief Engineer since Ernie's passing 1994 - 2009

Fredericia off Ramsey

MV Fredericia off Ramsey, Isle-of-Man (Take 2 Archive)


Marion Adamson (Cochrane)

Marion Cochrane - Caroline House, secretary to Ken Evans & Record Library - 1964 - 1967

MV Fredericia Starboard Bow

Starboard Bow MV Fredericia off Ramsey, Isle-of-Man (Take 2 Archive)

Coconut - 90's Caroline (R) see Mike Dixon

Caroline caretaker crew

Ricky Jones, Tracy Jones, Christian Colby, Steve Conway, Neil Gates on the Ross Revenge in 1990

Christian Colby - Caretaker crew (R) 1991

Dave Collins - 80's Caroline (R) 7th August - October 1985

Ray Collins - Satellite from 2007

Paul Common

Carl Conway

Carl Conway Caroline publicity shot 1964

Carl Conway - Atlanta (M) 9th May - 2nd July 1964 to 1st Caroline (M) North (F) & South (M) 1964 - 1967

Born Basil Sisman hailed from Ramsgate, Kent, he started out as an actor taking the name Carl Conway. He joined Caroline voicing Commercials & producing recorded programmes, returning to his native Kent & Invicta Sound presenting the Big Band Show (Eat your heart out David Sinclair!) At the time of publication (2009) he's retired

Steve Conway, Marjo Marcus

Steve Conway & Marjo Marcus on Ross Revenge top deck in 1986

Steve Conway - 80's/90's Caroline (R) February 1987 - November 1991

Joined in 1987 was on ship when she grounded on Goodwin Sands in 1991, helped launch the satellite service in 1999, still heard on Internet service

Ellen the Cook - 80's Caroline (R)

Jenny the Cook- 80's Caroline (R)

Tom the Cook - 80's Caroline (R)

Chris Cooper (Chris Mould) - 90's Caroline (R) Tuesday 19th December 1989 to Monday 8th January 1990

Ray Cooper - South (M) 1967

Ray Copeland

Ray Copeland

Ray Copeland - Satellite/Internet from 2004

Ray had worked the RSL loop in Kent going to Caroline via EKR in 2004

Howard Copitch - Ross Revenge Restoration Crew from 2006

Clive Correll

Graham Coull - 70's Caroline (M) onshore staff June - Aug 1974, Ross Revenge Restoration Crew from 2005

Robin Courage - Caroline House, Sales Office 1964 - 1967

Allan Crawford - Atlanta (M) Shareholder of CBC (Plays) UK with Kitty Black & Oliver Smedley 1960 - 1967, Founder Director of Project Atlanta/Radio Atlanta 1963 - 1964, joint M.D Radio Caroline 1964 - 1966

John the Crewman - 80's Caroline (R)

Graham Croft

Graham Croft at the helm of the 'Henrieta' 1984

Graham Croft - 80's Caroline (R) Tender Skipper 'Henrietta' - 1983 - 1987

Graham Croft Charters

John Cronnolley - Secretary, Ross Revenge Northern Repair Group 1993 - 1998, Ship's painter from 1993 - 2003, Ross Revenge Restoration Crew from 2005, has been presenting programmes on the Internet service since 2008

Model of the MV Fredericia

Model of the Fredericia from an original picture supplied by Take 2 Studios

Tony Prince with Gordy Cruize

The Royal Ruler Tony Prince left with Gordy Cruize (Take 2 Studios)

Gordon Cruse - South (M) then North (F) 1966 - 1967

Chris Curt

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