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Letter M

MV Mi-Amigo 1964

The MV 'Mi-Amigo' off the Essex Coast in 1964

Ian Mack

Bob Mackay - (F) Captain Fredericia 1966 - 1967

Boost Digital Card

Ian MacRea - South (M) February - 13th August 1967

Boost Digital Logo

Ian's career began in Australia, before Caroline he'd been at Radio City from February 1966 - February 1967. Legislation brought about a return to Australia to work on a number of stations & set up a Radio School more on Ian MacRae

Harry Maddrell - North (F) Tender Skipper 'Essex Girl' 1964 - 1966, then Skipper Offshore 3 based in Dundalk, Ireland until 2nd March 1968

A number of images given for publiction on our site were taken by see the Harry Maddrell Radio London tribute

John B Mair - 70's Dutch Caroline (M) 1973

Mebo II RNI cartoon 1970

The Mi-Amigo silent prompted use of Radio Northsea's ship for Radio Caroline during the 1970 British election

Spangles Maldoon

Spangles Maldoon in the 'Mi-Amigo' studio in 1972, note dirty hands the ship was in a delapidated state & every moment was spent cleaning her up

Spangles Maldoon the 1st name used by Chris Cary, briefly he named himself Herb Oscar Anderson after a US Jock having found an American jingle demo-tape onboard the Mi-Amigo

319 Good Music Sticker

International (M) 1967 - 1968, RNI's Caroline (MB) 1970, 70's Caroline 1972 - 1973 see Chris Cary Tribute

3/01/09 - Great to see all you keep doing on the subject of Caroline's fascinating history the A-Z is a great idea. Having just had a quick first look, it was the Chris Carey photos that caught my eye. I thought Spangles was great, and loved his shows. I note that you mention audio to follow. In my tape archives, I know I have what I believe were the first words spoken by Chris (as Spangles) on Caroline, when he was introduced during (I think) Johnnie Walker's show. I expect you've got it already, but if not, and you'd like to include the clip, please let me know, and I'll dig it out. Thanks for all your efforts with the site. Best wishes, Roger Morley

Andy Marcock

Marjo Marcus - 80's Caroline (R) Tendering with partner Leendert Vingerling 1985 - 1987

Mike Marriot

Mike Marriot in the Caroline North studio 1964

Mike Marriot - North (F) 1964

Barry Marsh - Satellite/Internet from 2005

A radio fan & Caroline supporter with a pashion for music

Brian Marshall

Cherry Marshall

Brian Martin

Brian Martin in 1989

Brian Martin - 70's Caroline (M) 1977

I made my first appearance on the Mi-Amigo around Sept/Oct of 1977 my last broadcasts from The Lady were in October of '78 before leaving for the Voice of Peace to arrive in Tel Aviv on 18th December

I returned to caroline briefly to work the Roadshow, with Robb Eden, Robie Day and Harvey (The Rabbit) - Brian Martin

Caroline Martin, Kevin Turner

Caroline Martin with Kevin Turner 1986

Caroline Martin - 80's/90's Caroline (R) 1986 - 1990

Keith Martin - Atlanta (M) 9th May - 2nd July then as South 1964

Marina Martin - Caroline House, Personel Officer 1964 - 1967

Steve Martin

Tony Martin

The 'Eurotrip' supplied the Offshore Ships off Holland

Frank Van Der Mast - 70's Dutch Caroline (M) 1972

Steve Masters - 80's Caroline (R)

Peter Philips, Bob Matthews, Fionna Jeffries

Peter Philips, Bob Matthews & Fionna Jeffries starboard side 'Ross Revenge' 1985

Bob Matthews - 80's Caroline (R) 1985

The Landbased Pirates were the first venture in radio for Bob on Q101, CD103 & YMC Radio, Then spent a two years at South West London's original Radio Jackie as station coordinator before a month's stint on the Ross Revenge in February 1985. Eventually finding his way to Kent to join the Invicta Radio Group before a move to the first European Klassic Rock in 1998. He did a couple of shows for Radio Fax & was part of Europa Radio International, then KM & finally Community Acadamy FM Thanet

Radio Jackie Letter HeadRadio Jackie Letter Head

Mark Matthews - 70's Caroline (M) 1974

Mi-Amigo in heavy seas

The 'Mi-Amigo' in heavy seas (Roger Matthews )

Roger Mathews - 70's Caroline (M) 1978, Internet from 2005

Joined the Mi-Amigo in 1976, moved to Ireland working on west coast stations. Returned to the UK to Radio Sunshine Shropshire

Marjo Marcas - 80's Caroline (R) Tendering with partner Lindert Vingerling 1985 - 1987


Melanie McArthur

Stuart Vincent, Paul McKenna, Kate Webb, Tom Anderson

Stuart Vincent, Paul McKenna, Stevie Lane & Tom Anderson on the 'Ross Revenge' Foredeck 1984

Paul McKenna - 80's Caroline (R) 1984

Mebo II 1970

The 'Mebo II' off the coast of Holland

Jennie McKenzie - 80's Caroline (R) 1986

Margaret McKenzie - Caroline House, Sales Office - 1964 - 1967

Tony McKenzie

Dough McLeod

Mike Barrington, Anita Stevens, Johnny Lewis, Fer

Mike Barrington hauls Anita Stevens aboard helped a little by Johnny Lewis with Fergie McNeal & Ad Roberts & Fionna Jeffries on tender undated

Fergie McNeal - 80's Caroline (R) 1986

Wally Meehan - North (International) (M) July 1967 - 27 August 1967

Phil Meek - Ross Revenge Restoration Crew from 2005, Internet 2007

Began as a BBC slocal radio sports commentary assistant

Jan Van Der Meer

Henk Meeuwis - 70's Dutch Caroline (M) 1973

Peter Meier - German Caroline Satellite from 2001

Anthony Mendelsohn

Micky Mercer - 70's Caroline (M) 1974

Sue Mercier - 70's Caroline (M)

Stevi Merike

Stevi Merike

Stevi Merike

Hugo Meulenhof - 70's Dutch Caroline (M) 1973

John Mier

Charles Miles

Chris Miles

Ian Miles see Ian Aikers

Carolyn Miller - Caroline House, Sales Office - 1964 - 1967

Dave Miller

Carl Mitchell

Carl Mitchell in the 'Mebo II' studio in 1970

Carl Mitchell - International (M) 1967 - 1968, RNI's Caroline (MB) 1970

Phil Mitchell - 70's Caroline (M) 1978

Mi-Amigo wreck mast 1986

'Mi-Amigo' wreck Mast July 1986

Brian Monroe/Bruce Purdy - 80's Caroline (R)

Dick Morecraft - Caroline House, Services & Engineering - 1964 - 1967

Ed Moreno - Atlanta (M) 9th May - 2nd July 1964? then 1st Caroline 1964

Andy Moorcock - 80's Caroline (R)

Christopher Moore

Christopher Moore Caroline publicity shot 1964

Christopher Moore - 1st Caroline launch period 1964 (F) there after ship logistics Programme Director ashore 1964 - 1967

Peter Moore - Station Manager - from 80's Caroline (R) 1987 - to date

Richard Morecroft - Caroline House, Building Services & Maintenance - 1964 - 1967

Henry 'W' Morgan see Gerry Burke

Jeff Morris

Doreen Mottau - Caroline House, Tea Lady

Colin Mueslibar see Andy Bradgate

Happy Christmas from Caroline

Alison Muir - Caroline House, Secretary to Gerry Duncan 1964 - 1967

H Mulder - (M) Ships Engineer

Jos Mulder - 70's Dutch Caroline (M) 1972 - 1973

'Big' Jim Murphy - South (M) then Caroline North (F) 1965 - September 1966

Eddy Murphy

Judy Murphy/Jodie Scott - 80's Caroline (R)

Mitch Murray - one off visit South (M) 1965

Pete Murray

Don Murrison - North (F) Shipping Agent 1965 - 1967

Radio Active Ship Cartoon

Peter Murtha see Peter Chicago

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