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  A - Z of the Caroline Roll Call

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Letter N & O

Mike Barrington, Tom Anderson, Caroline Martin, Leendert Vingerling

Mike Barrington, Tom Anderson & Caroline Martin with Leendert Vingerling on the tender August 1986

Joe Neal - Atlanta (M) Radio engineer believe former BBC engineer 1964

MV Caroline/Fredericia under tow March 1968

The MV Caroline (Frederica) under tow towards Holland between 3rd - 9th March 1968

Kevin Nelson - 80's Caroline (R) November 1988

Alec Newman - January - February 1985

Martin Newton - North/South (F/M) Ex BBC Radio Engineer was to join Radio London in 1965 & was one of the inspection crew who visted Shivering Sands for the failed 'Big L' UKGM project, died in 2002 1964 - 1967

You might like to see the following tribute to Martin Newton

Colin Newslieber

Colin Nicol

Colin Nicol rings the bell on the Cheeta II in 1966 (Colin Nicol Pirate Radio Files)

Colin Nicol 2007

Colin Nicol in August 2007 (Colin Nicol Pirate Radio Files)

Colin Nicol - Atlanta (M) 9th May - 2nd July 1964 then South (M) (C) 1966

The Mi-Amigo in 1973 (Hans Knot Soundscapes Archive)

Bob Noakes - 70's Caroline (M) Engineer later DJ also on Radio Seagull 1972 - 1974

Dave Noakes - Ross Revenge Restoration Crew from 2004

Paul Noble 1966

Paul Noble Radio Caroline DJ postcard studio portrait 1966 (Colin Nicol Pirate Radio Files)

Paul Noble - South (M) Radio Engineer & occasional DJ 1964 - 1965

Rick Noble - South (M) (C) 1966

Radio Geronimo Sticker

Not the most colorful the Radio Geronimo sticker

Hugh Nolan - 70's Caroline (M) on Radio Seagull 1973

Jack O'Brian

Ronan O'Rahilly Ronan O'Rahilly 1977

Ronan O'Rahilly flying the Atlantic 'Her name is Caroline'
Taken as Ronan O'Rahilly picked up the name 'Silver Fox' 1977

Ronan O'Rahilly the 'Silver Fox' Founder of Planet Productions & MD of Caroline from 1964

Ronan holds the accolade for making Radio Caroline Britain's 1st Offshore station. Modelled on the Scandinavian stations & the Dutch Radio Veronica, Ronan saw off Project Atlanta also fitting out their ship in the same Southern Ireland Port of Greenore

The deep sea port was purchased in 1959 by Aodhgan O'Rahilly, Ronan's father who formed Greenore Ferry Services with a later container service. Sold in 2002 to a subsidiary of Irish Agricultural Society

Ronan on the Mi-Amigo

Ronan O'Rahilly onboard the Mi-Amigo in the late 1970's

Caroline struggled in the face of adversity particularly throughout the 1970's

Caroline Album Station Sticker

Cliff Osborne - 70's Caroline (M), Satellite from 2009

Believed to have done a couple of shifts in 1978 on the Mi-Amigo whilst working as a cook

Night time rendezvous with Ross Revenge

Night time rendezvous with the Ross Revenge

Dave Owen - 70's Caroline (M) 80's Caroline (R) October - November 1986

The Night Owl see Engineer Martin Fisher

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