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Letter P & Q

Ross Revenge aft deck

Tenders often hung off the stern of the Ross Revenge whilst their crews took a break, it was the only way the larger Belgium tenders like the 'Bellatrix' could transfer without damage to them selves or the radio ship, note guard rail picture undated

Kenny Page

Dick Palmer

Dick Palmer on Radio Essex in 1965

Dick Palmer - 70's Caroline (M) Diesel Engineer & night jock, also on Radio Seagull 1972 - 1974, (R) 1983

A qualified & competent engineer Dick was involved in every aspect of Radio Essex/BBMS with the exception ofradio electronics. He designed a fuel flow method from aircraft wing tanks on deck, to refurbishment of one of the Forts original Gardner LV Generators. He devised programme formulas & came up with the Essex Beat Club. Part of the move to the Roughs Tower it was Dick who first thought of making the Fort a Country. On Caroline, Dick managed to keep the Mi-Amigo's generators running against enormous odds, when the water jackets became blocked he devised a water circulation system over the engine heads/blocks. He also worked mostly behind the scenes in the early days of the station using the Ross Revenge

Caroline Movement Sticker

Caroline Movement Car Sticker

Ian Palmer

Tony Palmer

Pandora - Satellite from 2001 see Pandoras People

Peter Pann

Bell & 558 Logo on Ross Revenge

Andy Parker/Joss Stick - 80's Caroline (R)

Dick Parker

Michael Parkin - Caroline House, Sales Director - 1964 - 1967

John Patrick - Satellite from 2003

My history with the old girl goes back to the mid 1970's when Albert and I
spent many a happy hour sailing from the east coast ports to supply the mi-Amigo. I loved that old ship and was heart-broken when she sank

On one trip we turned up late and received a bollocking from a 'copper', he then helped us load the boat so that we could get out ASAP The good old days - John Patrick

Mark Patterson

Mike Patterson

Graham Paul

Tony Paul - Satellite from 2008

Originally worked at Beacon Radio moved to WTIC in Hartford, Connecticut, WSPK New York and Q106 in San Diego

Dixie Peach, Robin Ross

Dixie Peach & Robin Ross in the Ross Revenge Studio 1983

Dixie Peach - 80's Caroline (R) 1983

Bilbo, Fritz Koning, Ron West, Chris Pearson, Fiona Jeffries, Walter Simons

Bilbo, Fritz Koning, Ron West, Chris Pearson, Fiona & Walter Simons in the Lounge Mess on Ross Revenge 1985

Chris Pearson - 80's Caroline (R) 1985

Mike Pearson

Roland 'Buster' Pearson - Avid listener & monitor of Offshore Radio created & edited Monitor Magazine from his Benfleet Essex home (1912 - 1986)

Sebastian Peeters - 70's Dutch Caroline (M) 1973

Phil Perkins/Mohammed Ali - North (F) a radio amateur GVOUV he worked as an Engineer on Radio Invicta before transfer 4 miles further out of the Thames Estuary to Radio City before a move for the final phase of the 60's Offshore period on Caroline North from early 1967

Arthur Pelteret - Caroline House, Traffic 1964 - 1967

Penny - Caroline House , Receptionist

A.D Person - South (M) Ships engineer

Postcard compliments of Media Pages

Colin Peters - 70's Dutch Caroline (M) 1979

Edo Peters

Tony Peters, Kevin Turner

Tony Peters with Kevin Turner in the Caroline studio Ross Revenge 1985

Tony Peters - 80's Caroline (R) 1985 - 1986

Ad Petersen - 70's Dutch Caroline (M) 1973

Caroline Album Format Sticker

Caroline 319 Album Format Car Sticker

Howard Philips

Jacob Philips

Peter Philips

Peter Philips in bridge newsroom Ross Revenge 1985

Peter Philips - 80's Dutch Caroline (R) News Reader later DJ 1985 - 1986

Had been with Radio Jackie in SW London, joined Breeze AM in Essex & spent a short time at Invicta these days working as East Kent Journalist for Radio Kent

Radio Jackie Logo

Steve Philips

Steven Philips

Mike Philpot

Mike the Poet - 70's Caroline (M) 1976

Paul Pornon - 80's Caroline

Piet Posthumous - South (M) Radio Engineer

Piet De Prater - 70's Dutch Caroline (M) 1973

Yogi Surya Premanda

Tony Prince on Caroline North in 1967

Tony Prince on Caroline North in August 1967 (Nick Bailey Archive)

Tony Prince DMS 1988

Tony Prince (standing) from Larking Audio at the opening of his DMS Studio in Slough in 1988

Tony Prince - North (F) 1965, South on (C) 1966 then North (F) until 14 August 1967

Wedding TV Logo

Tony was to work on Luxembourg, Capital Gold, Xtra AM Birmingham, he set up the DMC International, DJ magazines 'Disco-Mix-Club', 'Mixmag' & also run Wedding TV

Wedding TV Card

Bruce Purdy see Bruce Monroe

Peter Quinn - 80's Dutch Caroline (R)

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