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Letter R

The Radio Bible Class - North (F) South a syndicated religious programme taken by several Offshore stations


Raffles in the galley 1985

Raffles - 80's Caroline (R) Ships Dog from 1983

Wim De Walk, Skipper Willy

Wim De Walk & Skipper Willy loading the 'Windy' at Dunkirk undated

Phil Randell - 70's Caroline on Radio Seagull (M) 1973

Mike Raven

Mike Raven

Mike Raven - Atlanta (M) 9th May - 2nd July 1964

Bob Read at the wheel of the Fredericia

Bob Read at the wheel of the Fredericia (Bob Read Archive)

Bob Read

Bob Read pictured returning for leave onboard the trawler 'Essex Earl 'PL 8 (Pleasure Ship) (Bob Read Archive)

Bob Read - North (F) Radio engineer 1966 - 1967

Terry Read

Terry Reed watches the departing tender Windy in August 1987

Terry Reed later Mickey Gee August-September 1987

I went out first on the Windy from Dunkirk with Cosmic, Tony Peters, Peter Chicago & I believe Chris Conway. I was out there running the Gods. I then ran out of Ramsgate with Alex on the Seahorse then the Galexy. It was the best time of my life, if I was asked again I wouldn't hesitate. My on ship name was Terry Reed later to be Mickey Gee

Ross Revenge at sunrise

Striking shot of the Ross Revenge at sunrise (Unknown)

Johnny Reece - 80's Caroline (R)

Paul Reeder

Chuck Reynolds/Randell Lee Rose - 80's Caroline (R)

Charlotte Ribbelink - 70's (M) Caroline on Radio Seagull 1974

Brian Richards

Dave Richards

Dave Richards Ross Revenge studio 1984

Dave Richards/Michael Grant - 80's Caroline (R) 1984 - 1985, Internet from 2013

Was at the Voice of Peace went to Caroline in the 80's then to Invicta, some RSL's then Medway FM

Marjo Marcu, Nick Richards, Susan Charles

Marjo Marcu, Nick Richards & Susan Charles record library Ross Revenge 1985

Nick Richards

Nick Richards in the studio Ross Revenge 1985

Nick Richards - 80's Caroline (R) 1985 - 1986

Steve Richards

Steve Richards

Steve Richards - 90's Caroline (R) 1990

Working since under his real name Steve Joy he was one of the original Calypso 102 DJ's he worked for Medway FM, before returning to Malta via Spain, returning to the UK & at the time of publication (2009) is freelancing

Ian Richardson Caroline House, Traffic Department 1964 - 1967

Del Richardson/Roy Williams, Karen & Jan - 'Rocking Good Night' Satellite from 2000

Don Richardson - South/International (M) Radio engineer 1966 - 1968

Jim Richman - Satellite from 2001

We've had a number correspondents who know a 'Jim Richman' said to have modelled himself on Radio London's Earl Richmond & stated he spent a short time on the Fredericia in 1967

Example: I just noticed on the "Caroline Roll Call" (21/9/10) a reference to Jim Richman. He first came to my attention some years ago through an interview in Offshore Echos. He claimed to be Jim Gordon and worked on the Fredericia in 1965. However there were certain things that did not ring true. The Jim Gordon that we all remember from Caroline North was the Australian Guy Blackmore, who only worked on the station after the MOA. He also stated that he worked alongside the likes of Stevie Gee. Again this chap was on the South ship after the MOA and never served on the Fredericia. There are statements to the effect saying he worked on the Fredericia AND the Mi Amigo and claims he read the news for Tony Blackburn and Johnnie Walker. Johnny didn't join Caroline until October 1966, some months after Jim's supposed departure. A case of mistaken identity or pure fantasy as others have said - Name supplied to Ed


John Ridley

Tommy Rivers - Laser 558 Jock guest DJ (R) 1985

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Dave Roachman

Ad Roberts 1985

Ad Roberts presenting his Radio Monique show live on deck 1985

Ad Roberts - 70's Dutch Caroline (M) 1974 80's Caroline on Radio Monique (R) 1983

John Roberts

John Roberts in the Caroline North Studio in 1966

John Roberts

John Roberts - North/South (F/M) Engineer for 8 weeks North then South, moved to Radio London then SRE/Britain now living in Australia 1965 - 1966

3/10/14 Above is the only picture I can find of me in the North Caroline studio. I worked on Mi-Amigo when she went into dry dock to be refitted with a 317C Continental transmitter 50Kw. Was also on board the Cheetah and successfully got the old 10 Kw transmitter on air using a big bowl from the gally. The high voltage at the end of the antenna wire would arc until the wire broke and fell down on the deck. The dish spread the voltage so it did no harm. Those were the days, one could carry a fluro' tube in your hand on deck fully lit up with no burning and no connection leads. In Australia I looked after the local commercial radio station 4CA for over 21 years and then 4KZ for 4 years. Then had my own 2000 watt licence and fully automated (Radio Cool) played all old stuff. I sold out and now its Kick-FM with Country. I'm 84 now so there are not too many of us around. I am a dedicated "ham" and often contact chaps in UK on 12 metres - John Roberts - Autralia

Nigel Roberts

Nigel Roberts on starboard side top deck rail Ross Revenge 1986

Nigel Roberts - 80's Caroline (R) 1986

Andy Robin


Wim Robijn

Alex Rogers

Del Rogers, Neil Francis

Del Rogers & Neil Francis Mess/Lounge Ross Revenge 1985

Delroy Rogers - 80's Caroline (R) 1985

John Rogers

Olau Britania approaches the Ross Revenge

Olau Britania approaching Ross Revenge at South Falls Head

Joly J Rogers

Mark Rogers

Bill Rollins at Point Clear Essex Hut

Bill Rollins at the Point-Clear Listening Post in 1975


Typical Ship-Shore link coded messages to ship relayed by Bill Rollins from Point Clear, Essex. This a run list for Viewpoint 963 tape cassette programmes 1988

Bill Rollins 1977

Bill Rollins passing the Sunk Lightship in Harwich Harbour in 1977

Bill Rollins

Bill Rollins Mellow 1557 Postcard

Mellow 1557 sticker

Mellow 1557 sticker


Bill Rollins handing Viewpoint 963 over to Caroline Overdrive the overnight Progressive Rock service

Bill Rollins - 70's Caroline (M) Ship to Shore link 1972 - 1980 & again 80's Caroline (R) 1983 - 1990

Bill was pre-recorded continuity announcer for Viewpoint 963/World Mission Radio which ran from 6th March 1988 - 18th August 1989

Early Radio Mag Logo

Howard Rose founder editor of the Radio Mag' see Chrispian St John

Emporer Rosko 1965

Rosko toying around in Mi-Amigo studio 1965


Rosko 1966

'Emperor' Rosko - South (M) 1966 - 1967

Ian Ross - Caroline House, Sales Office - 1964 - 1967

James Ross/Kelvin Karter/O'Shea

Jim Ross - Satellite from 2007

Robin Ross - 80's Caroline (R) 1983

Stuart Russell, Jay Jackson

Stuart Russell centre with Jay 'Shag' Jackson foreground portside Ross Revenge undated

Stuart Russell/Nigel Harris - 70's Caroline (M) May 1976 - October 1978, 80's/90's Caroline (R) June 1984 - November 1991, Satellite/Internet from 1999

Freddy Ryder - Caroline House, Studio Engineer & singer 1964 - 1967

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