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Letter S

Leendert Vingerling

Leendert Vingerling on the tender 'Windy' brings diesel fuel undated

Ray 'Black Magic' Sabastian - South (M)

Chris Sandford - North (F) then Caroline House, Sales Office - 1965

George Saunders - Atlanta/South (M/C) Radio Engineer - 1966

Leaving Caroline North

Leaving Caroline North

Terry Saunders - North (F) T.O 1964 - 1965

Carol Sax - Caroline House, Personnel Office - 1964 - 1967

Tendering Caroline North

'Offshore 3' Tendering Caroline North

Bill Scadden - Shipping Agent, Liaison Officer Felixtowe - (M) 1964 - 1967

Lawrence Scordellis - Ross Revenge Restoration Crew from 2008

Bob Scott - Atlanta (M) 9th May - 2nd July 1964

Cyrill Scott

Roger Scott - International (N) from 28 February 1967, RNI's Caroline (MB) 1970

Steve Scott - Internet from 2013

Country Musician/Guitarist presents Americana Roots Show with Derek Taylor

Tony Scott

Radio Caroline in 1964

Radio Caroline 1964

Brian Scudder - Caroline House, Sales Office 1964 - 1967

Josie Scudder - Caroline House, Sales Office 1964 - 1967

Sunset from Caroline

Radio Caroline 1964 image entitled 'Sunset from Caroline' by R van Brandtzag (Kenny Tosh Archive)

Sent as a Christmas Card in 1964 by Carl Conway to Dilys Calver in Felixtowe see her photographs in Caroline Roll Call Letter D

Neil Scudder - Ross Revenge Restoration Crew from 2008

Roy Sebastian

Frank Sellen - South (M) Radio Engineer

Dave Shearer

Anne Shelton

Dave Shelton

Paul Shelton

Tim Shepherd

Aerial shot of Ross Revenge

Aerial shot of 'Ross Revenge'

Wendy Shepherd - 80's Caroline (R) 1991

Mike Shern

Lee Shuttlewood - Ross Revenge Restoration Crew from 2004, Internet 2006

Dave Simons

Maaten De Jong, Frits Koning, Fiona Jeffries, Chris Pearson, Walter Simons

Maaten De Jong, Frits Koning, Fiona Jeffries, Chris Pearson & Walter Simons

Walter Simons - 80's Caroline (R) on Radio Monique 1985 - 1986

Ove Sjostrom - North (F) Swedish Radio Engineer formerly with Radio Nord 1964 - 1965

Ove Sjöström (pdf) had previously been technical chief on board Radio Nords ship "Bon Jour" in 1961/1962. After Radio Nord had been outlawed in Sweden and closed down Ove Sjöström was recruited by Ronan O'Rahilly on recommendation from "the Americans" to assist with the build-up of the Radio Caroline broadcasting and studio technology. Ove Sjöström left as Chief Engineer after two years - Hakan Widenstedt, Sweden

01/05/09 - Regarding the two Swedish engineers that was onboard the MV Caroline from the start, I once did a translation of a speach that Ove Sjöstöm did some years back. Enclosed there is an PDF of the translation. Regards -- Håkan Widenstedt

Richard Keith Skues circa 1964

Keith Skues portrait from 1964 (Keith Skues Archive)

Keith Skues - South (M) 1964 - 1965

12/01/01 - Began on the BFBS Forces Network in Germany in 1958 spending 18 months aboard the Mi-Amigo in 1964 departing British Shores in 1966 for a spell at Radio Luxembourg to return to the Offshore station Radio London. In 1967 going on become one of the original line up on BBC Radio 1 & 2. In 1974 he was appointed P.D at Hallam, Sheffield. In 1994 he published under the Lambs' Meadow Publications banner 'Pop Went The Pirates' At the time of writing (2009) he's at BBC Radio Norfolk & BBC Eastern Counties

For more & other book titles by Keith see the Keith Skues Website

Mark Slate

Todd Slaughter - Satellite from 2008

Don Allen, Jim Gordon & Mark Sloane

Caroline North DJ's: Don Allen, Jim Gordon & Mark Sloane (Take 2 Archive)

Mark Sloane - North (F) 13 August - 27 August 1967

Oliver Smedley - Atlanta (M) Shareholder of CBC (Plays) UK with Allan Crawford & Kitty Black 1960 - 1967, Director of Project Atlanta 1963 - 1965

Kenneth Smith

Martin Smith 2004

Martin Smith in the 'Ross Revenge' RSL Tilbury 2004


Layback Martin Smith Caroline Satellite soft rock breakfast programme 2004

Martin Smith - Satellite/Internet 2003 - 2005

Began as a helper on Kent Rocks he was with Medway FM & joined Caroline satellite service before moving to present a weekly show on Radio Seagull from 2005, Martin also works for Red Sands Radio

Rene Van De Snoek - 70's Caroline on Radio Seagull 1974

Bob Snyder

Major Minor Records

Major-Minor Records Liquidate

Philip Soloman - Caroline House, Director 1968

Major-Minor Records were heavily rotated much to the grief of the DJ's, acts included many niche Irish Bands such as the the Dubliners, though David McWilliams and the Raymond Leferve Orchestra achieved notoriety from exposure by Radio Caroline

Mike Wright & Manfred Sommer

Mike Wright & Manfred Sommer the North Ship Engineers (Mike Wright Archive)

Manfred Sommer - North (F) Radio Engineer another Austian formerly with Radio Nord 1964 - 1967

Peter Sonneveld

Peter Sonneveld (Martin Stevens)

Peter Sonneveld - 70's Dutch Caroline (M) 1972

Jack Spector - North (F) & South (M) with WMCA syndicated recorded shows 1965 - 1966

Thys Spyker - South (M) Crew - 1966

Barry St James

Crispian St John

Crispian St John the 'Mi-Amigo' in 1972

Crispian St John - Alter alt ego of Howard Rose founder editor of the Radio Magazine, later called himself Jay Jackson as News Reader on the Ross Revenge. His endearing greeting to virtually everyone being 'Shag' - 70's Caroline (M) November 1972 - January 1973, 80's Caroline (R) Head of News January 1984 - June 1985 died 2002

Norman St John

Norman St John

Norman St John - South (M) 1965 - 1966

Frances Van Staden - Caroline House, Press Officer - 1964 - 1967

Mark Stafford

Mark Stafford

Mark Stafford - Satellite from 1999

Richard Staines/Steve Silby - (R) 1987, Internet from 2012

Worked on on both Caroline 558 & Overdrive in 1987

Mark Stam

John Harding & Ivor Stamp

 John Harding &  Ivor Stamp taking a break from the noise of the ship in a dingy on a line astern of the 'Jeanine' in 1974 (Ivor Stamp Archive)

Ivor Stamp - 70's Caroline (M) On the Mi-Amigo off the coast of Holland in 1974 as a Generator Engineer, at the time Caroline was running Dutch in the daytime & English at night, later for a short time he joined Radio Atlantis on the Jannine with Steve England & crew

Patrick Starling - South (M) Ships Engineer, moved briefly to SRE/Britain 1966 - 1967

Francis van Steen Caroline Club Organiser - 1964 - 1967

Will Van Der Steen - 70's Dutch Caroline (M) 1972 - 1973

Ricky Stein or Steen Caroline Club Organiser - 1964 - 1967

Heather Strachan - Caroline House, Sales Office - 1964 - 1967

Sheridon Street - South (M) & North (F) Radio Engineer

Ernie Stephenson - 80's Caroline (R) Ships Chief Engineer

Don Stevens - 70's Caroline (M) 1973

Mike Stevens

Bob Stewart

Bob Stewart

Bob Stewart - South (M) then North (F) 1965 - 1967

Bob Stewart on the MV 'Caroline' 'Fredericia'

Bob Stewart publicity shot (Undated)

Sheridon Street - North/South (F/M) Radio engineer now living in Thailand who appeared as DJ Keith Street when staff shortages

Joss Stick see Andy Parker

Michael Stinger

Bill Stones

Bill Stones (Martin Stevens)

Bill Stones - 70's Dutch Caroline (M) 1972 - 1973

Gerard Storm

Caroline Fink Sticker

Mark Storm - 70's Dutch Caroline (M) 1972 - 1973

Mark Summers see Elton Andrews

Richard Swainson - Caroline House, Music Library & Assistant to Ken Evans 1966

Arie Swets

Jon Sydney, Brian Vaughn, Colin Nico, Paul Noble

Jon Sydney, Brian Vaughn, Colin Nicol & Paul Noble on the 'Mi-Amigo' in 1965

Jon Sydney - South (M/C) 1965 - 1966


Alan Symonds

Tony Symonds - South (M)

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