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Letter T & U

The Windy

The Windy former Arm.6 in its home port of Dunkirk 1986

Charlie T

Mi-Amigo Off Frinton Essex 1967

The Mi-Amigo off Frinton-on-Sea Essex in 1965

Sylvian Tack - Radio Mi-Amigo (M) Founder Director Radio Mi-Amigo - 1973 - 1974

Gary Tanner (M) AKA Erik de Zwaert worked in the Mi-Amigo in 1979 whilst off-air (2014) a musical director at Radio Veronica

Peter Tate

Dave Taylor

Derek Taylor - Internet from 2013

Began presenting weekly shows at BFBS Aden in 1966 & BBC Radio Suffolk. He worked at 'The Sound'in Dover/Folkestone then presented a Thanet Country Show. Works at the British Archive of Country Music since 1992 & hosts the weekly Archive Roots Americana Show with Steve Scott

John Taylor

Saun Taylor

Ray Terrett - North (F) 1965 - July 1966

Theo - 70's Dutch Caroline (M) 1972 - 1973

John Thirkettle - PA to Phil Soloman from November 1967 - March 1968

Clive Thomas - Satellite from 2006

Duncan Thomas-Ingle

Andy Thompson

Carl Thompson - North (F) South (M) Radio Engineer

Carl Thompson - South (M) Engineer

Caroline Movement hand out

Richard Thompson see Bob Lawrence

Carl Thompson - South (M) Chief Radio Engineer - 1966

Linda Thorston - Caroline House, secretary to Ken Evans, Commercial Production - 1964 - 1967

Leon Tipler - 70's Caroline

Russell Tollerfield - Engineer, 70's Caroline (M) Seagull 1973

Ripley Torne - North (F) September 1967 - 1968

Dave Lee Travis 1966

Dave Lee Travis (DLT) in the Caroline South record library 1966

Dave Lee Travis 1966

Press Shot of DLT in the studio 1966

Dave Lee Travis - South (M) (C) later North (F) 1965 - 14 August 1967

Larry Tremaine

Larry Tremaine boarding the Mebo II in 1970

Larry Tremaine - RNI's Caroline (MB) 1970

Dick Trom

Jan Troost - 70's Dutch Caroline (M) 1972 - 1973

Jerry Leighton, Mike Ahearn, Roger Gale, Alan Turner

Jerry Leighton, Mike Aherne, Roger Gale & Alan Turner

Alan Turner

Alan Turner twiddles the knobs 1964

Alan Turner - North (F) Crew & T.O. (Panel operator) later DJ - 1964

David Turner - North T.O - 1964

Dave Turner

Dave The Fish by antenna sections the sign is a snub at local Kent ILR & reads 'Invicta Take That'

Dave 'The Fish' Turner - 80's Caroline (R) Tender Skipper F11 'Fairwind' with occasional guest tape show & odd live programme as Dave Fisher October 1987 - October 1989

Following the collapse of the 300' antenna tower on November 25th 1987 mast sections were transported on the top deck of an old bus, dragged along the exposed Neptune Jetty at Herne Bay, loaded onto the 'Fairwind' & taken out to the Ross Ross in 1989

See Dave 'the fish' Turner tribute

Mike Barrington, Kevin Turner, Johnny Lewis

Mike Barrington, Kevin Turner & Johnny Lewis at starboard side of the Ross Revenge 1985

Kevin Turner - 80's Caroline (R) 1984 - 1986

Kevin & Johnny

Kevin Turner with Johnnie Walker in the galley of the LV18 at 14.02 on 11th August 2007

After leaving Caroline, Kevin went on to present afternoon drive then breakfast for Ocean Sound in Southampton. He helped set up Spire FM in Salisbury before moving to Cheltenham Radio as station manager. For the last 10 years he has been working for BFBS (British Forces) Television as a continuity announcer and transmission controller. If you have Sky you may also recognise him as the voice of Ocean TV and TV Shop

Martin Turner

Martin Turner at Radio Caroline, TV Studios, Vinters Park, Maidstone in 2005

Martin Turner - Satellite from 2001 - 2008

Bert Twigerwarthy

John Tyler

John Tyler on the tender 'Henrietta' off the old Tongue Tower October 1986

John Tyler - 80's Caroline (R) on Caroline Overdrive 1985 - 1986

Olau Britania passes Ross Revenge

Ross Revenge passed by Olau Britania at the South Falls Head

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