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Olau Britannia passes astern of the Ross Revenge

Last ship last mooring Ross Revenge at her final anchorage as Olau Britannia passes astern of the Ross Revenge at the South Falls in August 1987

Judy Wade Caroline House, secretary to Ronan O'Rahilly

Windy leaves Dunkirk

The infamous tender 'Windy' leaves Dunkirk undated


The former 'Windy' renamed 'Arm 6'

Britt Wadner

Britt Wadner in 1966 at Caroline House in front of photograph of the MV Caroline in 1966

Britt Wadner - South (C) 1966

Britt loaned her ship the Cheeta II to Radio Caroline after the Mi-Amigo beached at Frinton-on-Sea in the early hours of January 21st 1966

FRA 1967 Sticker

Marina Wail

Tom Van Der Wal

Andy Walker

Gordon Walker

Johnny Walker

Johnny Walker

Johnny Walker - South, International (M) 1966 - 1968

Michael Wall-Garland - 70's Caroline (M) 1973

John Walsh

Did Pirate Radio in Ireland in the early 80's on KCR Kilkenny & ABC Waterford. Did a couple of stints at Radio Kilkenny. Worked on Zenith Classic Rock, South-East Ireland, & as a voice-over for a production company in his native Kilkenny

Ted Walters - South (M) Radio Engineer

Bob Walton - South (M) 1964, 1965

Colin Ward - 90's Caroline (R) Recorded Rock n Roll storm tapes

MV Mi-Amigo

Mi-Amigo housed the Progressive Station Radio Seagul a derivative of Radio Geronimo

Clive Warner - 70's Caroline (M) Radio Engineer 1972

Mark Warner

Ray Warner - South or International (M) tape shows

Chris Watford

Chris Watford Caroline Short Wave 1989 (Chris Watford Archive)

Chris Watford - 80's Caroline (R) 1989

David Watson

Alan Watts - Satellite from 2008

Worked with Bob Harris at GLR & Thames Valley FM, was briefly at Radio 1 & Radio 2

Fred Bolland, Mike Watts, Willem Krajenbrink, Keith Francis

Fred Bolland, Mike Watts, Willem Krajenbrink & Keith Francis 1988

Mike Watts - 80's Caroline (R) Transmitter Engineer & occasional night voice (R) 1985 - 1989

I was on the boat from December 1985 until some time in 1989 can't remember which month, then spent some time in Dover after the salvage. The Picture is probably early 1988 as no original mast mast stays visible & working on the second temporary antenna; trawlboard lifting boom supporting the liver pipe front antenna support, just visible against the ships foremast. I think we were discussing the imminent delivery of 'Ronans Erection', the fibreglass Valcom horror... Mike Watts

10/11/09 - The other git walking down the deck with Mike Watts and Freddy bolland is me, Keith Francis. worked on caroline as DJ 1987 - 88

David Watson

Graham Webb

Graham Webb on Caroline South 1966

Graham 'Spider' Webb - South (M) then North (F) later Head of News 1965 - September 1966


Ramsgate registered Fishing Boat tendering the Ross Revenge in 1984 (Kim Frazier)

Small items, some crew changes & essentials came out from various ports along the Kent & Essex coast backing up the main supply route from Dunkirk

Ross Revenge in the Knock Deep

Ross Revenge in the Knock Deep (Unknown)

Allan Weiner - 80's Caroline (R) Engineer 1983

He later operated Radio New York International & relayed taped prog's on SW from USA in early 90's

V Weijsmuller - South (F) North (M) Director of Weijsmuller Towage & Supply 1964 - 1968

Mark Wesley

Mark Wesley in the Mebo II studio in 1970

Mark Wesley - RNI's Caroline (MB) 1970

Alan West

Alan West on the Mebo II in 1970

Alan West - RNI's Caroline (MB) 1970

Dave West - 70's Caroline (M) 1973

07/07/10 - Just a line to let you know that I was on board the Mi Amigo in 1973 with Paul Rusling, Robin Adcroft, Norman Barrington and Dick Palmer. I joined the ship, literally around 6pm the day the 389 service began. Chris Cary was on tape, Andy Archer left on shore leave on the tender I arrived on. I was also onboard the Ross Revenge the night the hurricane hit in 1987 - Dave West

Liz West - Laser 558 Jock guest DJ (R) 1985

Richard West

Simon West - 80's Caroline (R) 1986

Tony Whale - 80's Caroline (R) 1987

Mi-Amigo in the 1970's

Mi-Amigo pictured in the 1970's

Alan Wheeler - 70's Caroline (M) 1973

Dorothy White - Caroline House, Programme secretary

Ed White - North (F)

Romena Wild

Dave Willes

Blake Williams, Marjo Marcas, Tom Anderson

Blake Williams, Marjo Marcas & Tom Anderson aft starboard top deck Ross Revenge 1983

Blake Williams - 80's Caroline (R) 1983 - 1984

David Williams - At first as News Reader David Wynn, later DJ South (M) then North as News Reader Dave Williams (F) 1966 - 14 August 1967

Mick Williams & Bill Rollins 1977

Mike Williams before going into radio on the St Edmund with Bill Rollins in 1977

Mike Williams - 80's Caroline (R) 1987

6/01/09 - After Caroline Mick was to join Breeze AM in Essex remained until the GWR clearout, he's now with BBC Essex working under his real name Ray Clark

Dave Wilson

Eric Wiltshire

Dave Windsor

Dave Windsor starboard side top deck Ross Revenge 1984

Dave Windsor - 80's Caroline (R) 1984

Tony Windsor

Tony Windsor

Tony Windsor as Tony Withers - Atlanta (M) PD 9th May - 2nd July 1964, then South 1964

Leen de Winter - 70's Dutch Caroline (M) 1973

Paul de Wit

Paul de Wit (Chris Edwards)

Paul de Wit - 70's Dutch Caroline (M) October 1978 - April 1979

Jeroen Woelwater - 70's Dutch Caroline (M) 1973

Charlie Wolfe

Charlie Wolfe on the MV Communicator in 1986

Charlie Wolfe - Laser 558 Jock guest DJ (R) 1985

Jason Wolfe - North (F) September 1967 - March 1968

Peter Wolf

Doug Wood - Caroline North on FM to Meir (Stoke-on-Trent) satellite from 2003

Radio Authority Notice 1986

Joe Woods Ross - 80's Caroline (R) Captain Ross Revenge 1983

Peter Woods - Ross Revenge Restoration Crew from 2005

The World Tomorrow - North (F) South (M) a syndicated religious programme taken by several Offshore stations

Jerry Wright Seagull Disco Logo

Jerry Wright

Jerry Wright - 80's Caroline (R) January 1986, Satellite from 1999

Jerry has long been on the road & now works the night shift at Radio Jackie see Jerry's Website

Jo Wright - Caroline House, Personal Assistant to Philip Soloman 1966

Marti Wright

Marti Wright in the bridge newsroom Ross Revenge 1983

Marti Wright - News - 80's Caroline (R) 1983

Mike Wright & Fredie Beare

Mike Wright with 'Frantic' Freddie Beare (Ross Brown) in the Caroline North Studio in 1967 (Mike Wright Archive)

Mike Wright - A radio amateur EI2DJ / G4GXN / EI2RTE worked with Martin Kayne and Ross Brown after Aug 14th '67, & Phil Perkins who joined Caroline North in early '67 North (F) Engineer 1966 - 1968

Mike Wright - Not Mike above, Ross Revenge Restoration Crew from 2008

France Radio Club Christmas Card 2009

France Radio Club Christmas greetings 2009 (Francois Lhote)

Willy Wrury - South (M) Captain - 1966

David Wynn see David Williams

Tim Yale - South (M) Formerly Graham Johns (Dubber) on Radio Essex South 1967

Yap - 60's Caroline (F) Dutch Marine Crew member from 1964

Tim York

Steve Young

Steve Young in Caroline South studio in 1966

Steve Young - South (M) 1966 - 1967

Shure Shot

Gerard Van Der Zee - Dutch (M) 1972 - 1973

Gary Ziepe - Internet from 2013

Began at the library at Capital Radio did Country 1035, Radio Luxembourg, Breeze AM, Essex FM, Chiltern FM and Invicta FM & Capital Gold

Delia Zimmerman - Caroline House, Personal Assistant to Oonagh Leigh - 1964 - 1967

Peter Zonneveld - 70's Dutch Caroline (M) 1972 - 1973

MV Ross Revenge aground on the Goodwin Sands

The last broadcasts from sea have been made MV Ross Revenge goes aground on the infamous Goodwin Sands on 19th November 1991

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