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Our Cars & Motoring - Part 1

Issue: 4 Updated: 8th January 2018

Here are my vehicles along with some family history & our other cars

My mothers father was Arthur Bailey the engineers of 69 Old Dover Road, Canterbury

He started Bailey's in the 1930's specialising in engine rebuilds, re-boring and specialist race tuning

The business now named Bailey & Liddle is these days based in Faversham and run by cousin Gary

1928 lorry at Conyer

Leaving barge building at Conyer Grandfather had the first lorry in the area emplyed for haulage from the wharf. Pictured here Billy "Chips" Carpenter & friend in 1928, opposite the coast guard cottages built in 1829 that he lived in all his life

A few doors away to the right was the Bricklayers Arms now sadly closed

More on Conyer & for a bit more nautical family history see Just off the Swale & Barge Building by Don Satin details

Orchard garage 1930's

'Orchard Garage' at the Teynham/Norton crossroads on the A2, started by my Grandfather in the 1929 in the family until 1963

He's pictured centre at the petrol pump & fruit stall which sold produce grown in on his farmland & orchard behind the house below

Orchard garage house

Grandparents house adjacent to the garage, farm and cafe

Orchard garage workshop

The first workshop

A2 traffic at orchard garage in 1950's Busy orchard garage & cafe 1950's

Post war years, even then the A2 was horrendously busy, a mother & child wait to cross from the Teynham to Norton. The orchard is behind the white building that was the workshop, garage with pumps is centre, the big house, & the cafe to left of the coach

Busses at orchard garage cafe More busses at orchard garage cafe

Coaches galore watering at Grandmother's busy Cafe

1929 Riley special

485 KT my Fathers 1929 Riley Special he built himself at the 'Butter Market' opposite the Cathedral Gates in Canterbury in 1948

Orchard garage 1952

'Orchard Garage' shown here in the 1952 before the M2 was built. Our Austin Commercial near the pumps was red & good enough to negotiate the Thanet Way in the great floods of 1953

My cousin David and I raced our peddal cars around the forecourt nuch to the horror of our mothers

Zephyr Zodiac 1954

Grandfathers pride & joy, a new top of the range 1954 Dagenham built Ford Zephyr Zodiac

Selling the 'Orchard Garage' Cafe & Farm at Norton the family bought 'Stains Farms' at Harbledown outside Canterbury & 'Sunset Orchard Farm' in Whitstable, now the Sherwood Estate

A new bunglow was built on the Whitstable plot named 'Downbury' after Harbledown & Canterbury

Further land was purchased in Canterbury and a new bunglow named 'Fowley' after Fowley island in the Swale was built in which my grandparents lived until their deaths

Reliant tricycle van

Based on a motor tricycle a similar Reliant van to the one my cousin David & I drove as boys at 'Stains Farm'

Morris 1100 in 1963

Just before I 'rolled it' a week before my driving test my Fathers Fiesta Yellow 948 VKO 1963 Morris 1100 at 'Downbury' 'Sunset Orchard' in 1966

1947 Austin 8

Had to include this one, JKO 948 my mates 1947 900cc S4 SV Morris 8, in Black of course the wartime officers runabout taken in around 1966. It was one of the last of 20,000 produced between 1939-1947

We spent hours driving this around the County and have happy memories of us both sitting on the bonnet steering it along the bank by the sea wall at Seasalter

Austin 8 in pieces

How most ended their days, a picture of a broken & abandoned like this one on Seasalter marshes in 1967. There's more here on the Austin 8 Oldtimer Picture Gallery or from the picture above

Austin 8 at Faversham show

Picture of an Austin 8 in non-standard blue being shown at the Faversham Classic

I wonder if you could help me. My father wants an Austin 8, I can't find one any where. I have found a Morris 8 which looks very similar to me, is it the same? & do you know of any Austin 8's that are for sale? Regards - Richard Wilding

Hi Richard

Best way to begin is through Austin 8 Club/Register. The cars can be seen at a number of events during the summer: classic car/agricultural & county shows. Everyone who owns a classic is keen to talk about them, so you'll get the information you'll need to keep a classic Austin first hand. On the main road to Eastbourne there's a garage that always has classics, not many weeks ago he had an Austin 8.

The Morris isn't the same but similar. By today's standards the cars are slow about 40-45 tops, & quite an interesting drive. Very small tyres & steering with a mind of its own!

Hope this helps - Good luck

1953 Morris Minor van

JPM 158 a Grey 1953 Morris Minor 803cc Van in 1966

Morris Minor Club Owners Logo

For the Morris Minor Owners Club link here or from the logo above

Morris Minor convertable The Tourer had same running gear as the saloon, but needed minimal strenthening when it lost its roof

The pre-war model with side valve engine was underpowered, with the merger of of Austin & Morris in 1952 the same 803cc engine as used in the Austin A30, by 1961 the 1098cc engine was fitted & stayed until production ceased in 1969

The above picture by John S Smith suggests Clacton Pier, Essex with Billboards advertising excursions on the Medway Queen to Margate, Kent

Mini Van Logo

1963 Morris Mini van

The first of my dozen Mini's 13 XKJ a 848cc a Willow Green 1963 former East Kent Packers Morris Mini Van in 1968

This was a former East kent Packers van and purchased for £50.00

Mini Club Logo

See the British Mini Club here or from the logo above

1966 Morris Mini saloon

FKN 344D an 848cc Island Blue 1966 Morris Mini Saloon in Cornwall in 1967

1960 Bedford CA caravanette

YUL 986 mates 1960 Blue Bedford CA Caravanette in 1972

1969 Morris Mini van

WYN 435G a 948cc Blue 1969 Morris Mini Van in 1972

1965 Austin A55 van

EJG 179C a Blue 1965 Austin A55 Van in 1972. No picture available this example is a similar A60 van courtesy of the Austin Cambridge/Westminster Club see their website here for more information or click on their banner below

Austin Westminster Car Club Logo

1964 Morris Mini estate

CFN 311B a 848cc Siesta Yellow 1964 Morris Mini Estate in 1973

1958 Morris Minor saloon

143 MMM a mint Black 1958 Morris Minor Saloon in 1973

Morris Minor Mania Logo

For Morris Minor Mania link here or from logo above

1964 austin Mini Cooper & 1963 Morris Mini saloon

WPM 513 a Midnight Blue 1963 Morris Mini saloon in 1974 with Austin Mini-Cooper in more detail below

1964 Austin Mini Cooper

396 GGC a Green & White 1964 Austin Mini Cooper in 1974

The British Motor Corporation (BMC) Mini-Cooper based on the Alec Issigonis designed standard mini saloon, the Cooper was the work of John Cooper & made the 60's inconic car even more desireable

Mini logo

2868 FN Beige 1961 Morris Mini Pick-Up in 1974. No picture available

Hillman Husky illustration

1963 Blue & White Hillman Husky Estate in 1974. Sadly no details or picture survive, but the above identical in the the right colour courtesy of Rootes. See the history of Hillman Cars here or on the picture above

1971 Ford Escort

VFN 622J a Blue 1971 MK 1 Ford Escort Saloon in 1975. No picture available the above courtesy of Classic & Sportscar Magazine

1962 Morris Mini saloon

1937 MD a White & Black 1962 Morris Mini Saloon in 1976. No picture available this picture illustrating the paint style is the first Mini-Cooper of 1961 courtesy of the British Motor Corporation

1948 Austin A40 illustration

KGF 830 a Beige 1948 Austin A40 in 1976. No picture available this line drawing courtesy of Austin Works

See the history of Austin of England Cars from 1947-1952 here or from the picture above

1961 Morris Mini saloon

570 TPB a Red 1961 Morris Mini Minor in 1976. No picture available this 1964 example courtesy of the British Mini Club here or from the banner below for more information

British Mini Club logo

1959 Bedford CA caravanette

137 HKJ a Siesta & Red 1959 Bedford CA Caravanette with Tracy the Labrador Bull Terrier cross in 1976

1969 Plastic Pig

GPP 974G a plastic pig of a 1969 Reliant Supervan in 1976

Herts Beds & Bucks Mini Club logo

1963 Austin Mini saloon

Essex Mini club logo

731 TOC a Red 1963 Austin Mini Saloon in 1976. No picture available but of the same style as the super deluxe model shown. See the Herts Beds Bucks Mini Club & the Essex Mini Club here or from their respective logos above

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