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A Tribute to Chris Cary, AKA Spangles Maldoon, Herb Oscar Anderson, Harry

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Updated: 29th April 2008 Issue: 2

The bits that would make Chris smile

Tuesday 18th March was a glorious if chilly sunny day

'Mazzie' hadn't been out for months so a run to Hayward Heath with the top-down - ideal

Arrived at 'Maynard's Muff' as it's best known by those in the know, a couple of mugs of tea then off in the classic 'Studmobile' to Kate's

Arrived to find her just out of the shower, she unsurprisingly declined help in dressing

Spruced up we ventured into Camberley for an Indian Dinner, we chose the only place with no other customers, probably just as well but the food was fine

Returned to Kate's for bed, we slept separately, up at 06.30 showered & away to Esher by 08.00

Long wave TX Cabin

The long wave transmitter & generator for Mann Offshore Station

Long wave TX panel Long wave TX panel

More mugs of tea & coffee before Christ Church

50kva generator 50kva generator

A truly fitting service conducted by the Revererend William Allberry with an audio montage of Chris prepared by Mike Knight & tributes from family & fellow broadcasters - Johnny Walker - Radio Caroline, Tony Prince - Radio Luxembourg, John Clarke - Radio Nova (Ireland)

Leaving the 'Studmobile' in the Church Yard we left for the burial in Kate's brand new car, no one had any idea where we were going

Dick "another Caroline f... .." as we narrowly avoided Ronan at the Church gate who shouted back "at least the cars the right colour" (black)

"Best thing to do is ask when we get there" pipes up Kate, Cobham Cemetery can't be hard to find!

Popped into the High Street Oxfam Shop, surely they'll know? Ah no, but a customer does, trouble is there are two cemeteries!

No problem we'll try the nearest one first, it's only just up the road

Kate's now distraught "I can't miss the burial, he'll never forgive me"

We can't find it, we ask all & sundry then a BT man for directions - Yes - "back the way you've come 2nd or 3rd left, I think! Anyway Tilt Road it's on the right can't miss it" Yea right where have we heard that before

We belt off at great speed by now with other cars following!

We find the cemetery, but where's the Hearse?

Oh no there's something going on across the other side, how are we going to get there, we're the wrong side of the cemetery?

By now we're very late, time's running out & there's no connecting road

Nothing for it we drive through on the cemetery paths!

Just avoiding pedestrians, we later realised was Sybil's sister & family,

Leading the the convoy of cars we emerge we're in the right cemetery, it's the right service - phew

After we make our way to the Hilton Hotel to join 100's for memories of times with Chris an fitting setting with a picture montage of Chris & his adventures in Radio

Soon it's time to leave, we cadge a lift back to the Church with Ken & Jill, Kate's brother & his wife who're heading back to the Black Country

They dump us outside the Church beside a solid locked metal barrier

The 'Studmobile' is trapped in the confines of the Church Yard "b.... marvelous" screams Dick

In true Chris style the options would have been to drive straight through it, clearly not an option in the 'Studmobile'

Option 2 physically break it off, or 3 dismantle it

Oh Dick how could you!

Dick decides he'll take the gate to pieces but not before changing, in a flash he's down to his knickers in the Church Yard

Tool(s) in hand Dick prepares to tear the wretched barrier from it's hinges, miraculously the gate opens

The 'Studmobile' glides through, we are free set off home

Chris would have laughed his socks off

Rough seas Whitstable Rough seas Whitstable

By the next morning Northerly gales were pounding the North Kent Coastline, he's already made his presence felt

The Tributes

29/4/08 - I only just learnt recently of Chris Cary's death, I had hoped to see him again one day, I was only five months older, it's a sad loss. I lost track of Stevie M. after his BBC Radio Nottingham days & I haven't seen Jason Wolfe since the original "busy week" in August, 1968. The Internet does give amazing results in catching up with people or news about people over a long period of time & I'm a dab hand at searches, I like to think, but where the land based pirate scene is concerned it's very hit & miss often to recontact people or trace them. Well, you've a very good web site, it's the first time I've had a good look through it, thanks for keeping alive the legacy & roots of the radio revolution in the UK. With best wishes - Ralph Stephenson (formerly Martin West '68 - '70)

31/3/08 - Hi Bob, I enjoyed reading the tribute to Harry. I'm sad that I couldn't make it to the funeral as it clashed with our Easter holiday. I was hoping it was going to be held on the previous day as originally planned. On the 7th photograph, there are three "unidentified" people they are (from left) Mike Storm (Dutch disc jockey) Graeme Gill (next to Chris) and Chicago (extreme right) Best wishes, Andy (Archer)

It's been said you can't work with or for Chris but you can't argue he was an amazing ground breaking guy, a true Pirate in every way. For Chris life was at full-tilt in the outside lane, he'd never say it can't be done, it always was. There were so many times when he just made it happen

Cheers Chris - BLR

Chris Cary at Lux 208

Chris Cary at Radio Luxembourg

I first met Chris in 1968, just after the seizure of the two Caroline ships. For some reason, my grotty little bedsit in West London had been selected as a suitable 'crash pad' for ex-Caroline people, so Chris & Kate, Andy Archer, Mike Lindsay, sometimes Bud Bulloo, Stevie Merike, even the radio engineer Ray Glenister crashed there on the odd occasion. Chris was the most energetic person I ever knew, highly motivated & a huge inspiration to all around him. Creating radio stations was his passion; the first I remember was Radio Free London which originally emitted from our Addison Gardens bedsit. Later in 1972, Chris restarted Radio Caroline with Pete Chicago & once again we worked together. Throughout the following years Chris has pioneered a variety of successful projects including the development of computer games, the legendary Irish radio station, Radio Nova.We could write volumes about Chris's achievements, the fun, hustles & hassles on the way there!

Chris will be great loss to the broadcast world, his dynamism & determination to succeed gave me & many others the break we needed. "Get up there, prove yourself" he'd say, "if you mess up, bugger off" He was always happy to give you a chance, so thanks Chris for that kick up the pants we all need sometimes. Thanks a million mate

Robin Adcroft (aka Robin Banks)

I'm really sad to hear about Chris, during the period when I was taking so many photographs of the Offshore stations he was one of the most cheerful, helpful & friendly people I met. When he was based in Holland he used let me back into the office after hours & let me sleep on the floor. I am so glad I was able to catch up with him one more time at the Radio Sutch-City re-union at St.Kathrine's Dock. I have obviously changed a bit because he asked if anyone had had heard of me recently, I was standing right beside him. Chris was one the great characters of the Offshore radio station era, he will be missed by all of us who were privileged to call him a good friend.

Martin Stevens

Chris Cary in Portrait

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