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Classic Car Show 2009

(Fast Cars & Quick Women)

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A copy free feature Held at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) Birmingham on 14th/15th November 2009

Sunbeam Rapier

1. Sunbeam Rapier Series 3 Rally Car Owners Club

Commer Van

2. Commer Commercial on the Hillman Stand

Lucas Ladies

3. In amongst the old tin, well some later models, we'll see you later

Hillman Huskie

4. Hillman Huskie Owners Club

Commer Camper Van

5. 1965 Commer Camper called 'Brian' Owners Forum

Hillman Imps

6. Hillman Imps Owners Club & Database

Sunbeam MK11 Tourer

7. 1965 CSE 344C Sunbeam Tiger MK 1 Sports Tourer

E Type Body Restro

8. E Type Jag restoration

Bits n Pieces

9. Plenty of stalls plenty of bargains

Sports Tourer

10. Even older tin


11. Lancia had three stands: The Lancia Beta Consortium 'Betaboyz', the Lancia Montecarlo Consortium & the Lancia Motor Club

Jowett Javelin

12. Jowett Javelin York - Monte Carlo Owners Club

Big Humber

13. Immaculate Big Humber Pick-Up Owners Club

Roots Group

14. More Rootes Group Sunbeam's & Hillman's

Morris Oxford

15. Nicely shaped & bulging Morris Oxford Coupe Owners Register

Racey Girls

16. Nicely shaped & ... we'll leave it to you

Woodwork & Leather

17. Nice bit of woodwork & leather

Mini Cooper Cabriolet

18. Mini Cooper Coupe Owners Club

Rover P Series

19. Rover P Series were everywhere: The P4 Drivers Guild : The Rover P5 : The Rover P6 Club

Riley Emblem

20. The Riley RM Club

Riley 1.5 RM Coupe

21. Exhibited some nice models above a 1.5 Drophead Coupe

Riley 2.5 RM Coupe

22. And 2.5 Drophead Coupe

Riley 1.5 RM Saloon

23. Finally a 1.5 Saloon Owners Club

Badge Stall

24. Wanna badge I've got loads

Peugeot 3008

25. The New Peugeot 3008

Riley Imp

26. Not quite finished with Riley's yet here's a 1934 Riley Imp Owners Club

Austin 7 Special

27. Austin 7 Special, a great car of the 1930's these could be picked up cheap as chips through the 1950's, how we all wish we grabbed a few! Owners Club

Morris Minor Pick-Up

28. Morris Minor Pick-Up

Morris Minor Traveller

29. Very tidy Morris Minor Traveller

Morris Minor Series 1 Van

30. Morris Minor Series 1 Van

Morris Minor Series 1 Van side view

31. Split screen and austere interior, these were 808cc side valve & snail slow

1966 Ex Government Morris Minor Van

32. Final Morris Minor an immaculate 1966 ex-Government Fleet Register Owners Club

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