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Classic Car Show 2009

(Fast Cars & Quick Women)

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A copy free feature Held at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) Birmingham on 14th/15th November 2009


33. A cute Nash Metropolitan, one of three on show


34. Here are the trio, quite a head turner in their day  Owners Club : Database

Austins everywhere

35. The Midlands Austin 7 exhibits Barry's Club : Database

MG 4 Sale

36. One of the many cars for sale

Selling Wheels!

37. Pretty wheels

All in the finish

38. Then there's paintwork & finishing

Every angle different

39. From every angle this MG looked a different colour

Barn find MG Midget

40. Talking MG's here's Midget barn find, not special with square wheel arches it's 1970/71 Mark 3 Owners Club

The Plod

41. The collectors even include a following for ...

Ex Police vehicles

42. Ex-police vehicles

Dressed up to nabb

43. Mind you, you can dress up Owners Club

Classic caravans

44. Looking for a roof over your head, how about a classic caravan Retro Caravans

Turbo Scooter

45. Will the Turbo fit my scooter, well sir it has been tested by the 'Stig'


46. Here come the Yanks above a Chevrolet


47. Plymouth Owners Club

Chevy 2

48. Another Chevy this an Impala

Yanks Interior

49. Interior obligatory black dice, Teddy & photo album

Chevy 3

50. Chevrolet Impala Owners Club


51. Dodge USA Car Owners Club

Yank Interior 2

52. Yank Interior


53. Buick

Classic Buick

54. Classic Buick Owners Links

Skoda Estelle

55. Skoda Estelle with flashing blue lights under grill! Owners Club

VW Bus side VW Bus front

56 & 57. Trusty split windscreen VW coach, the early people carrier Split Screen Van Club : Camper Fanbase

Gay Motoring Club Stand

58. Self titled Members Club

Motorsport team

59. Peter and team on the Motorsport Rally stand

Wolsley Minis

60. Delightful exhibition of Mini Hornets introduced by BMC in 1961 Database : Wolseley World

Back Cab by Austin

61. A proper Austin FX3 Black-Cab came into force in 1948 Austin Cab Memories

Morris J Type Van

62. Morris J Type Van from 1949

Morris J Type Van rear

63.These vans ran well into the 1960's used for door to door delivery; Bread, Fish, Green Grocery, and local shopkeepers J, JB, & 101 Register

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