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Classic Car Show 2009

(Fast Cars & Quick Women)

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A copy free feature Held at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) Birmingham on 14th/15th November 2009

Morgan 1

64. Now a few Morgan's

Morgan 2

65. This one ripe for restoration

Morgan 3

66. The Aero Super Sports as ever with Morgan a long waiting list

Morgan 4

67. Morgan Motor Company : Sports Car Club : Owners Group : Club Links


68. CSMA stand well patronised

CSMA Girls

69. CSMA Reception Committee

Bus Top

70. Bus Top Deck

From Bus Top 1

71. A few shots from Bus top

From Bus Top 2

72. Car Transporters

From Bus Top 3

73. MGB

From Bus Top 4

74. Plenty of people as the day gets busier and busier

Blond Brunette

75 & 76. Doing a grand job of meet and greet

See you soon

77. Expect we'll see you soon CSMA

Riley Kestral for sale

78. £6.995 and this Riley Kestrel could have been yours

Triumph Roadster

79. A Triumph Roadster fondly remembered from the TV Series Bergerac, Policeman Jim ran a 1949 Roadster around Jersey Channel Islands filming episodes from 1981 - 1991 Bergerac Info

Jaguar Airline Coachwork

80. Jaguar

Jaguar SS Type

81. It's a very lovely 1938 Jaguar 6.3 J Airline Information

Mike Brewer Logo

Mike Brewer session

82. Mike Brewer session

Wheeler Dealer Logo

'Wheeler Dealer' : Buys Guide

Randell & Hopkirk Office

83. The offices of Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased)

Vauxhall Victor

84. The cult TV show ran from 1968 - 1969 with 26 episodes, star of the show was the Vauxhall Victor

Vauxhall Victor data sheet

85. A reworking was produced in 1999 & 2000 with Vic Reeves & Bob Mortimer Randall & Hopkirk

MG J Type

86. 1930's MG J Type J Series Data

Original MG TF

87. An original 1955 MG TF, nothing like the thing that was hoisted on us in 1995 MG T Series

Essex Girl Reg

88. Nice Reg' for an Essex Girl

Period costume

89. Period costume at the MG stand

Top Gear Girls

90. More TV Top Gear Gals punting the live show in Foyer

Dashing Red Paintwork

91. Custom Paintwork

Lucas girls back again

92. You're back then

Top Gear Show Reception

93. Reception for Top Gear tickets from £50 - £200 for the 15 minute live show

TKO Custom

94. Wondrous TKO Custom drew admirers

Rally Motorcross Girls

95. Will we see you next year, em probably

Classic Car Shows at NEC Birmingham

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