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Communicator in Holland

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The MV Communicator becomes the 'Albatross' in what was to be her transformation into a Dutch Radio Ship (of sorts)

With never before published archive photographs from August 1994 to 2002

MV Communicators at Khuizen

MV Communicator at Enkhuizen - 10th October 1994

Veronica Logo

MV Communicators studio 1

MV Communicator Pruduction Studio - 10th October 1994

MV Communicator studio 2

MV Communicator Studio 2 - 10th October 1994

Holland FM team on MV Communicator

Holland FM Team gather on MV Communicator - October 1994

MV Communicator studio 2

MV Communicator Studio 2 - 10th October 1994

MV Communicator moored at pier

MV Communicator - 10th October 1994

From 1st September 1995 the 'Veronica Broadcasting Society' entered a combined venture with Endemol, Holland FM who later sold their interest in the Communicator to 'Veronica'

On Monday 10th October 1995 secure to the newlyu named 'Bull Vervey Pier' she continued broadcasting under the call sign " Hitradio Veronica"

Veronica Hit Radio Logo Q The Beat 1224 Logo

On 14th October 1998 the Communicator was towed to Pampushaven near Almere

Unico Glorie, director of Radio Veronica, handed the ship over to Peter Jansen, director of Q-Radio to broadcast as "Q-Radio" from January 1998 until July 1999 for "Q - The Beat" playing a Contempory Urban format until July 2002

MV Communicator 2002

MV Communicator - 2002

Now things get hazy it's known that Pieter Damave a former RNI Dutch engineer visited the Communicator to take photographs which were shown to all & sundry

It's thought that "Q - The Beat" were in financial difficulties so the Communicator's 1224 kHz transmitters operated by Nozema were shut down

MV Communicator 2002

MV Communicator - 2002

Clear Channel Communications', which had an interest in "Q - The Beat" sold its share, "Q" in the meantime failed in its longterm bid for a National FM license & so broadcasting from the ship stopped altogether

MV Communicator Portside Stern 2002

MV Communicator Portside Stern - 2002

On 20th September 2002 a deposit was made by Nozema for a so called ethical radio group, headed by Dave Miller for the Communicator to house "Super Station Orkney "

MV Communicator Portside Aft 2002

MV Communicator Portside aft - 2002

Taking full ownership in March 2003 the ship was in a sorry state vandalised with parts stolen & the engine room flooded

MV Communicator Portside Stern 2002

MV Communicator Portside stern - 2002

With unkown persons taking an unhealthy interest in the ship security measures were stepped up until 24th June 2003, when an Iskes Tug towed the MV Communicator from her anchorage at Pampushaven to Ijmuiden Harbour for urgent repairs & general structural work

Almost sinking it was discovered the seacocks had been opened in another act of sabotage

Communicator at Ijmuiden Communicator at Ijmuiden

The MV Communicator in Ijmuiden

6 months later on 19th December 2003 the JWR Apollo towed the MV Communicator to Lowestoft as the "Super Station" announced that the ship was to play a crucial role in recreating a new genre of radio station in 2004

Grateful thanks to Hans Knot, Jana Knot-Dickscheit, Rob Olthof, Martin van Wieringen, Paul & Roy Balls & Stuart McKintlock for their help in producing this feature

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