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Communicator in Suffolk

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Updated: 7th February 2010 Issue: 3

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Communicator on 22 May 2004

The Communicator in Lowestoft

Communicator on 22 May 2004

The Communicator pictured on 22nd May 2004

Generator bench

Generator Room benching

Lister 3 cylinder generator

Lister 3 cylinder generator

Lister air compressor

Lister Air Compressor taken as coaxed into life on 17th June 2004

Note the tide mark behind the air compresser this was the flood level in the engine room, the pump had been submerged but we got it working with a new oil filter, the old one being missing off the engine prior to flooding in Holland - Roy

Starting Lister air compressor

Paul starting the Lister Air Compressor

Lister 6 cylinder generator

Lister 6 cylinder diesel generator

This generator was made to run while in Lowestoft it had water leaks from the head but these can be fixed, we were more than suprised it started at all - Roy

Air tank valves Engine control levers

Main air tank control valves
Main ships engine control levers

Portside Cummings generator

Portside Cummings Diesel

DC Switch board

The DC switch board on 17th June 2004

Working on auxillary engine

Paul & Rick working on the auxiliary engine on 17th July 2004

Rebuilt cylinder head

Rebuilt cylinder head

Refitted cylinder head

Cylinder head re-fitted

Starboard side Cummings generator

Starboard side Cummings Diesel

The Cummings was coaxed into life in Lowestoft - Roy

Transmitter Hall

Transmitter Hall

The original 576 transmitter & combiner unit to allow both 25kw units to be used together - Roy.

CSI 25 kw tx

CSI 25 kw medium wave transmitter

CSI tx cabinet doors

CSI 25 kw medium wave transmitter cabinet doors

Waveney Advertiser on MV Communicator

The local Suffolk Press announce the immanent departure of the MV Communicator in the Waveney Advertiser 17th August 2004

MV Communicator Starboard Bow

The MV Communicator ready for departure

MV Communicator towed from Suffolk

MV Communicator towed out of Lowestoft on 21st August 1994

MV Communicator towed from Lowestoft

MV Communicator still in 'Hit Radio 1224' radio livery

With grateful thanks to Paul & Roy the 'Balls Brothers' for sharing their photographs with us & their help in producing this part of the MV Communicator story

26/09/09 - I was Second Officer/Chief Officer and then Captain of the Gardline Seeker that became the Communicator. The Communicator was ex Tanager/Charterer/Gardline Seeker. The Gardline Tracker was ex Ryfylke/Tracker and Gardline Tracker. I believe the Charterer was changed to Gardline Seeker due to some confusion over a Dutch company chartering the Charterer. She was the first Gardline ship to change to the Gardline prefix. Also your website states that the Gardline Locator was of the same type of vessel as the Communicator and built in Germany, incorrect. The Gardline Locator was the ex HMS Blackburn, an aircraft recovery vessel built in 1945 in Blyth. Regards, Captain David P. Hawkins

07/02/10 - I enjoyed looking at your pages on the Laser vessel, I purchased the ships bell of the boat bearing the 'Tanager name' sold by an antiques shop in Portsmouth Maritime Museum. It's now lovingly mounted on a brass & copper stand out of harms way. A sad end to a great Radio Ship and Station. Kind regards - Steve Boyer

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This feature continues in The MV Communicator in Suffolk - Part 2

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