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Communicator in Suffolk - Part 2

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MV Communicator in Lowestoft

28. A walk around Lowestoft docks before tea

MV Communicator in Lowestoft

29. MV Communicator port side looking neglected

MV Communicator starboard side looking forward

30. MV Communicator starboard side deck looking forward

Mess room

31. Starboard side Mess Room during refit

Mess room

32. Starboard side Mess Room post refit

Mess room

33. Starboard side Mess Room seating and table in refit

Steve Dacks

34. Steve Dacks at the Dutch mixing desk Production Studio

Dutch Library

35. The Dutch Library

Dutch Library

36. Which had formerly been a washroom

Fuse board

37. Back below, old fuse board

Martins replacement fuse board

38. Upper level Fuse Board replaced by Martin Gilbert

Portside Cummings Generator

39. Portside Cummings Generator


40. MV Communicator rudder final drive

Cummings Generator switching

41. Cummings Generator switch gear fitted in Holland

TX Processing

42. Dutch TX Processor Cabinet


43. Note mobile pump with red grab handles

Ships main engine

44. Ships Main Engine

Paul working on main engine

45. Paul working on the Ships Engine

Ships main engine

46. Ships Main Engine

Ships main engine

47. Ships Main Engine

News, production & on-air studio doors

48. News, Production & 558 Studio doors


49. Washroom by studios

News studio

50. News Studio

News studio

51. News Studio

News studio

52. News Studio with a tired old Alice 828

Starboard side Cummings generator

53. Starboard side Cummings Generator running

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