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Communicator in Suffolk - Part 2

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The MV Communicator

54. The Communicator in Lowestoft Starboard Bow

The MV Communicator

55. The Communicator Stern

Between studios corridor

56. Between On-Air & Production Studios with Mast Supports

Laser 558 main studio

57. Laser 558 Main Studio

Laser production studio

58. Laser Production Studio

CSI Transmitters

59. CSI Transmitter cabinets

CSI Transmitters

60. Looking in a sorry state

DC switching panel

61. DC Switching panel to right, note tide mark from flooding

Debris in bilge

62. Waterlogged wood in Bilge

Paul gets snapped

63. Paul not keen on the camera

Paul working as Spike looks on

64. Working on the Main Ships Engine Rockers with Mark

MV Communicator bridge

65. Back on the Bridge

New Pirate ship!

66. Thought Laser & Caroline were last of the Pirates!

New Pirate ship!

67. Nice 'Skull & Cross Bones'

New Pirate ship!

68. Unknown ship, any ideas?

Hopefully in the day & age of real Piracy doesn't take to sea boldly displaying pirate credentials?

MV Communicator

69. MV Communicator, looking aft

MV Communicator

70. MV Communicator Portside

MV Communicator

71. MV Communicator Starboard side bow showing antenna cage

MV Communicator

72. MV Communicator Starboard side

MV Communicator

73. MV Communicator Starboard side along wharf

MV Communicator

74. Time to leave the MV Communicator

MV Communicator

75. MV Communicator showing full height of the antenna

MV Communicator

76. Will any more pictures appear?

18/05/09 - I got involved with the pirate story awhile back remembering the halcyon 60's days as a kid in Portsmouth. My son a telecommunication engineer (Horsebridge Cheltenham) dialogued with Tony Pine recently reference wireless linking at the Redsands project. I obtained a video of Laser 558 in '87 and the impact of the loss of the mast on the Ross Revenge which graphically illustrated the spirit of pirate radio, it just gets more and more intriguing. My question is has the communicator been broken up, it would be marvellous to think that if she were still around a project of restoration pairing her and the Revenge.

Kind Regards, Graham Newton - Plymouth

The MV Communicator was built in 1954 in Bremen & named the 'Tannager' after a final Superstation RSL broadcast in the Orkney Islands the MV Communicator was cut up as scrap in 2007

The Ship had in between times been called the' Charterer' & 'Gardline Seeker' based in Lowestoft, where she'd been refurbished for the final time

With grateful thanks to Paul & Roy the 'Balls Brothers' for sharing their photographs with us & their help in producing this part of the MV Communicator story

Additional photographs numbers 75 & 76 from Skipper Graham

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