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Crich Tramway Village

Copy Free feature of the Museum, Memorial Tower & Woodland Walk

Use Sat'Nav' DE4 5DP to find Crich, Matlock is 8 miles from Junction 28 of the M1 with access from A38, A6, A61 & A52

Converted Berlin Tram

1. Converted Berlin Tram from the bridge

The Red Lion Pub

2. The Red Lion Pub

The old Stoke on Trent pub was demolished from the corner of St Peter's Churchyard in the early 1970's to make way for the A500 & moved on site

Sheffield Tram #510 & #34 Berlin Tram

3. Left, the 1950 Sheffield Transport Tram #510 & right #34 a converted Berlin Tram

#510 is thought to have travelled greater distances at the Museum than in service

She took part in the tram farewell celebrations along with Lowestoft sister car #513

Circa 1911 open top tram Was formerley with the Glasgow Corporation

4. Circa 1911 open top tram, with pedestrian bridge in background
5. Formerly with the Glasgow Corporation

#812 on duty running the tramway to the Quary

6. #812 on duty running the tramway to the Quarry

Genial duty driver

7. Genial duty driver

Welcome aboard, as if!

8. Welcome aboard, as if!

#812 Driver from the stairs

9. #812 Driver from the stairs

Pharos & Memorial Tower Built in commemeration of local servicemen

10. The Pharos & Memorial Tower (windy up here)
11. Built in commemoration of local servicemen

Worestershire & Sherwood Foresters dedication plaque

12. Worcestershire & Sherwood Foresters dedication plaque

Reverse view from the steps

13. Reverse view from the steps

View from the Tower top

14. View from the Tower top

You can just make out Crich Tram Museum in valley distant right

The working Quary

15. The working Quarry

Rolling hills

16. Rolling hills towards the Heights of Abraham

Return transport, tram #510

17. Return transport, tram #510

Make sure you explore the forest woodland walk with sculptures by resident artist Andrew Frost

The Memorial Tower from the woodland trail

18. The Memorial Tower from the woodland trail

Seated Wizzard Spirit of the Forest

19. Seated Wizard
20. Spirit of the Forest

Trample the Troll

21. Trample the Troll

The Green Man, distantThe Green Man, closeup

22. The Green Man, distant
23. The Green Man, closeup

Giant Ant

24. Giant Ant

Circa 1932 London County Council tram #1

25. Circa 1932 London County Council tram #1

Originally in Royal Blue & White livery gained the name 'Bluebird' in restoration due back in 2019

Partial view of Liverpool Corporation 1936 tram #69 refered to as tthe 'Green Goddess'

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