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Scottish Heather Dave & Tash's Wedding Scottish Heather

Preparations & the Wedding Ceremony at Hopetoun House on 7th November 2009

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Thursday 5th November

Seamstress Mig

1. 2009 Mig Making the Bridesmaids stoles

Partner cards and button holes

2. Dave oversees Tash cutting the heather for button-holes & partner cards


3. Alistair assembles partner cards

Heather confetti

4. James (Jack) & Kathia make up heather confetti

Packing favours

5. Sandy, James (Jack) Dave, Tash & Kathia wrap Bestmen's favours

Three bags of favours

6. Bagged-up Bestmen's 'favours'

Jimmy Hat

7. Jack tries on a Jimmy Hat, em suits you Sir!

Biscuit baking

8. Sandy & Mig baking

Finished cookies

9. Cookies for 'favours' just out of the oven

Taste test

10. 'I just need to try one'

Bagging the cookies

11. Tash & Kathia make up bags of Cookies

Finished product

12. Finished - cookies packed and labeled

Friday 6th November 2009

The Adam stables

13. The venue the Adam Stables a wing of Hopetoun House

Stables interior

14. Interior of the Adam Stables

A chat with the vicar

15. Having a chat with Frank & Gill Turner

John, Andy & Dave

16. Two of the Bestmen John & Andy go through the 'script' with Dave


17. Bridesmaid Fiona, Louise & Mahairi

Run through

18. Frank does a run-through with Stephen, Tash & Dave

Alistair, Mig, Richard & Sonja

19. Alistair, Mig, Richard & Sonja

Tash chatting with Stephen & Fiona

20. Tash, Stephen & Fiona

Sandy & Alistair

21. Sandy & Alistair

John, Fiona, Dan, Louise & Andy

22. John, Fiona, Dan, Louise & Andy

Fishy talk

23. Andy hears a 'fishy tale' from Suzanne, Stephen, Tash & Dave

More fish

24. Mahairi explains to James & Kathia hers was a little smaller

Bob n Sandy

25. Bob 'n' Sandy

Tash talk

26. Tash makes a speech, & Dave's fish's a bit fatter

Bestmen's packs

27. Dave hands out the Bestmen's favours

Haggis John

28. John loves Haggis

Jimmy Andrews

29. Andy looks the part

Mig, John, Fiona & Dan

30. Mig, John, Fiona & Dan

Saturday 7th November 2009

The ol' boy

31. Dressed for the occasion

Jack gets the knot

32. Tie time

Shake mate

33. About to leave the apartment on the banks of the Forth, South Queensferry

Orocco pier

34. For Boys Brunch at Orocco Pier South Queensferry

Pipe Major Iain Grant

35. The welcoming sound of Bagpipes by Pipe Major Iain Grant greets guests to the wedding at Hopetoun House

Kate, Mig & Romy

36. Kate, Mig & Romy

Strutting Dave

37. Composed Dave

Officials Dan & John

38. Officiating Dan & John

Bunny & Mum

39. Bunny greets Mummy


40. Sandy

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