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The X-Trax Radio Media Party

Warning contains semi-nudity

2003 - Part 2

EMR Logo

Copy free feature continued from EMR - Part 1 so grab or send your picture if it's not include

Neil Francis, Hirsty

Who was the Gob - Em yes well Neil Francis not amused doing his small mouthed frog impression with Galaxy 105's Hirsty

Pole Dancers Pole Spectators

Pole Dancing & appreciative onlookers

X-trax models

The x-trax model girls appear in the flesh!

Steve Silby

The sight of which appears to please Steve Silby

Toby Mackenzie, Neil Andrews

Toby Mackenzie KM with Neil Andrews Capital Gold

EMR's Brenda

Brenda & the EMR office rear guard

Stayin Cool

Stayin' Cool

Happy Couple

We're working but it's late so we've other things on our mind

Helen Adler

Really I have not been drinking, here have some more punch Helen

Mike Banbrook

Radio 2's Mike Banbrook gets to grips with another pint

Daren Adler

EMR Managing Director Darren Adler

Laurelle Steiner

With Jazz FM's Laurelle Steiner & the x-trax girls

X-trax Logo

A copy free feature if you're pictured but not named

Mail us & the missing details will be added

x-trax is free to people working at fully licensed BBC, BFBS, Commercial & Community Radio Stations in the UK & the Republic of Ireland, although copies have to be sent to the radio station address. For UK subscriptions to home addresses and those who don't work at one of the above stations, subscription is £60 a year, for 12 issues. Anyone interested should email with their name, postal address & telephone number to receive details.

(EMR) x-trax magazine

For another swinging time Swinging Boobs see EMR Party 2004

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