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EMR Media Party - Page 2

Warning contains semi-nudity

X trax logo

EMR's party at Vinopolis the London Wine Museum on 24th June 2005 continued

X trax logoDudes

Cool Rude Dudes

Boys Hanging Around Boys

Just Just hangin' around

Beer for Us

Only here for the beer

Nice Pose mate

Nice cool pose mate

Bar Team

One of the bar teams George Hiles in Bermuda shorts

Lickin Good

I said no tongues

Dave & Kate

Dave & Kate

Toby,Ben & Mike

Toby Mackenzie, Ben Gosling & Mike Russell


Sophisticated set


Whose who here?

Central TV

Central TV gets in on the act

That's the last straw

Now what did you say you'd like me to do with this straw?

Too much booze

I know my head's gonna ache tomorrow

Wet Shirt

Wet shirt is it foam, punch, beer or something else?


Try the punch


EMR Group MD Darren Adler

Will & Helen

Will Jackson & Helen Quigley

Darren's boob job

Captain Darren makes a clean breast of things

Kerrie & friend

Bosom Buddies

Back 2 back

Back 2 Back

Neil,Bob,Darren & Bob

Tail enders the old Invicta Radio Crew Neil, Bob, Darren & Bob

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