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The Edinburgh Festival 2011

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A brief squint at the biggest, best & world famous Edinburgh Festival, held in the City Centre & surrounds throughout August

At this years Edinburgh Fringe there were over 41,689 performers playing 2,542 shows at 258 venues around Scotland's capital between 5th - 29th August 2011

Edinburgh Festivals

West End Market

1. West End Market by St Johns Church

Nightingale Walk

2. Nightingale Walk

Assembly Billboard

3. Bewildering, so much to see!

Fringe Box Office

4. Typical Fringe Box Office, this one at George Square

Fringe Information Centre

5. Information Centre

Posters everywhere

6. Every square inch festooned with posters

Best of Fest'

7. A good way to get the flavour of the Festival in a show

Andre Vincent anchored 'a selection of acts including: The Twoks', AKA Trio, Commedian Gloria

In another show we were impressed with the six piece London accappella group 'The Magnets'  appearing for their 6th year

Georege Square area 1

8. In & around George Square

The Udderbelly


Georege Square area 2

10. St George Square area in the rain

Georege Square area 3

11. The rain continues

Gilded Balloon

12. The Gilded Balloon

Spiegel Tent 1

13. Spiegelzelt (Spiegel Tent) St George's Square Gardens

with Antonio Forcione of AKA Trio in foreground

Spiegel Tent 2

14. Performers & audience mix & chat before & after the shows

Spiegel Tent

The Elephant House 1

15. The Elephant House at 21 George IV Bridge, Midlothian, EH1 1EN 

(0131 220 5355)

The Elephant House 2

16. The Gourmet Tea & Coffee Shop ...

The Elephant House 3

17. ... that gave inspiration to a number of famed writers

The Elephant House 4 View of George IV Bridge

18 & 19. The Elephant House window & to the right the view from George IV Bridge

Royal Mile

20. The Royal Miles performances sponsored by Virgin

Lawnmarket & West Parliament Square

21. Welcome Committee - Lawnmarket & West Parliament Square

La Putyka Circus performers

22. Promoting their circus performing show - La Putyka


23. Contortionist & Escapologist

Chris Cross in chains Chris Cross & straight jacket

24 & 25. I kid you not, Chris Cross

Chris Cross motivates the crowd It's a struggle

26 & 27. Chris Cross

Virtually free Kris & Alix Superperson

28, 29 & 30. Chris escapes, Kris & Alix play folk, & Superwoman! makes contact

Buffalo Skinners

31. The Buffalo Skinners play Country Rock

32. Video Clip - The Buffalo Skinners

Betrayal of Penguins

33. Betrayal of the Penguins

Strike a pose - Statue 1 Moral Cinema

34 & 35. Statues & Moral Cinema

Street 1 Street 2

36 & 37. Street performermance promoting their show

Mime Artist

38. Mime Artist

Hula Juice Bar

39. Hula Juice Bar at junction of West Bow, Candlemaker Row (left) & Grassmarket (right)

Scotland special

40. Everywhere has a special, this is the standard fair in Scotland, Soup of the day, toasted cheese & a latte

Not a haggis in sight

Up a ladder

41. Eating apples ...

Juggling swords

42. ... sword juggling & general mahem up a ladder

43. Video Clip - Juggling up his ladder

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